Wendy Williams & NeNe Leakes Tea

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

While NeNe Leakes feuds with the other stars of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” it looks like she may have yet another feud brewing outside of the hit reality show.

Talk show queen Wendy Williams has taken multiple jabs at NeNe in the past, and it’s one of the reasons NeNe refuses to go back on her show.

Interestingly enough, sources claim the feud got even more intense when both ladies attended The Ultimate Women’s Expo at Georgia World Congress Center a couple of days ago.

Daily Mail writes:

On Sunday, when Williams and her entourage arrived at the Georgia World Congress Center they realized her dressing room was right next to Leakes. Her husband/manager Kevin Hunter demanded the event organizers move Leakes’ dressing room, a source close to the expo told Daily Mail Online.

‘Kevin was adamant that he wanted his wife nowhere near NeNe! He told them to move her as far away as possible,’ the source revealed.

Williams took the stage at 1pm to do a keynote address to the thousands in attendance and talked about ‘ten rules every woman should live by.’

She was followed on stage by Leakes at 1:45pm, who addressed the screaming fans by saying: ‘I’m your home girl. I live my life as an open book and I’m happy I don’t need ten rules to live by!’

That set Williams’ husband off!

According to the eyewitness, Kevin pushed through the curtains and stormed the stage and was cursing at the top of his lungs. ‘He kept yelling ‘get her m*********ing ass off the stage. We don’t f*** with her! Wendy don’t f*** with her. Cut that b****’s mic off!” the source recalled.

As Hunter began to storm up the stage steps, Leakes best friend Diana Gowins jumped up to confront him. Gowins, who has been featured on both Real Housewives of Atlanta and Leakes’ wedding special I Dream of NeNe, yelled back at him: ‘What the hell is your problem? If you have a problem with NeNe, take it up with me!’

The two stood there and exchanges verbal spars while Leakes continued with her presentation, completely unaware of the chaos ensuing on the side of the stage she insists.


The publication claims Kevin got so heated from his exchange with Diana that he stormed off to where Wendy was signing copies of her book, “Ask Wendy: Straight-Up Advice for All the Drama in Your Life,” and made Wendy cut it short. The crowd booed as a result.

While this report hasn’t been confirmed, NeNe did tell Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live,” that a ruckus did go down backstage while she on the stage, and Wendy’s husband Kevin has been accused of cutting up behind the scenes before.


  1. Yes Nene! That’s how you handle Wendell and her mouthpiece! Wendy better be careful she doesn’t become another Monique, cuz I heard they had to refund 80 people the money they paid to get their books signed because she walked out. She can talk shit about everyone, and cut up on Nene on her show with that audience to back her, but that b-tch would never step to Nene herself!

  2. Wendy’s husband is such a mess. If she doesn’t get him together eventually he’s going to be her downfall.

    1. I agree with this. His anger issues are a problem for her career. Why is she letting him manage her anyway?

    1. She sure did. I know Wendy was mad. Well if you can dish it, you better be able to handle it when it’s done to you.

  3. Kevin needs to sit. As much vile crap as Wendy says about everyone, he has to expect people to return the favor when they see her.

  4. This is why I can’t take Wendy seriously when she tries to shade people and give advice to women. Her personal life is a joke. Her husband runs her career and I get abusive teas from him too.

  5. Her husband is always embarrassing her. Does she not understand how he can ruin the little legacy she will have?

  6. LMBO. Karma. Wendy better get used to this. More people will be shading her in person too after all the trash she talks about them on her show.

  7. I have to say I can’t fault Nene here. How many times has Wendy hit below the belt with her and others?

    1. That’s all Wendy does. But she doesn’t come for white celebrities like that though. She called Rihanna a hoe but praised Taylor Swift when Taylor’s been linked to more men than Rihanna has. So I’m Team NeNe on this.

  8. If Nene had thrown unnecessary shade towards another speaker at the Expo, then I would’ve said she was wrong but since this incident is concerning Wendell and her thug husband…All I can say is good for Nene. Wendell has shaded, talked crap, and disrespected black women on her talk show and during the days that she was on the radio so she got a taste of her own medicine. Based on the article, Kevin was the one to initiate everything when he got angry that Nene and his wilder-beast wife dressing rooms was besides each other and Nene just finished what he started. Bloop!!!

  9. This is why I always find it funny how Wendy criticizes women for not being independent and relationship advice. When its common knowledge that her husband runs her and walks all over her Wendy might act like this strong woman but her husband is the boss of her.

  10. F-ck Wendy. As much sh-t as she talks about black women, she deserves this dragging and more. F-ck her up Nene.

  11. Wendy is lucky she hasn’t gotten her a-s whooped yet. I will never forgive her for how she did Whitney and Method Man’s wife. Wendy is a piece of sh-t and horrible human being. She deserves the sh-tty husband she has.

    1. Some people forgot about how terrible Wendy was when she was doing radio. Man karma will catch up to her one day and it will be epic.

  12. You dish it you better be able to take it. Sit down Kevin! Your wife is messy and she deserves all the shade she gets!

  13. Nene could have said so much more and she didn’t. Kevin needs to sit down and learn how to be a real manager.

  14. How ironic that Wendy can sit on her chair and report every incident under the sun that occur with celebrities but never once bring up encounters she have? Side note: Remember Miss Jones who was signed to Dougie Fresh label and had that song “Where I Wanna Be Boy” back in ’94 or ’95 well I remember some years ago she was on the news saying that Kevin was sending her death threats.

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