Porsha Williams Turns the Tables on Kenya Moore

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Porsha Williams has been accused of sleeping with married men for bags, shoes and nice cars by fellow “Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Kenya Moore, Claudia Jordan and Cynthia Bailey, but Porsha is now the one doing the accusing.

Apparently things popped off after Kenya told a fan on Twitter that Porsha was wearing a lacefront wig at the reunion, and that’s when Porsha accused Kenya of sleeping with a married man while she was in Vegas recently.

Check out the tweets (read from top to bottom):

kenya twitter

porsha twitter


    1. Because Kenya who flirted with married men on TV is above sleeping with married men when the cameras aren’t rolling? Logic fail.

      1. LOL. They are the main ones calling Porsha a whore and mistress but can’t stand it when Kenya gets called out for the same stuff.

    2. Like Kenya’s entire time on that show hasn’t been a series of lies, that she wasn’t even good at telling? Girl bye!

    3. Oh please. When Claudia called Porsha out for escorting she was quiet as a church mouse. I wonder why.

  1. Porsha needs to go ahead and spill everyone’s tea since they keep trying to spill hers. She held back too much this season for me.

  2. This ain’t the first time Kenya has been accused of sleeping with married men. And I’m not talking about Apollo either.

  3. I can believe it lets not forget she was caught walking with the African married man at Harvard. While everybody accuses Porsha of sleeping with African men I have yet to see one picture but there is one of Kenya though.

      1. But how can she accuse Porsha of being with an African man when it ain’t no proof no pictures no nothing. But she was photographed walking with a married man and it could be completely innocent but it’s cause for speculation. Bottom line don’t accuse people of shit when its more proof on you than who you are accusing.

  4. I think nearly everyone on the show has been accused of sleeping with married men except Cynthia. And well I won’t hold my breath on her. That’s why none of them need to pretend they are some sort of symbol of purity and good morals. All of them have done some dirt.

  5. I’m tired of these grown women accusing each other of being sluts and mistresses. It’s really sad to see.

  6. Porsha can’t do anything but lie on Kenya. She’s so desperate to get that peach back. *giggles*

  7. So when Porsha gets accused of sleeping with married men, it’s the truth but when Kenya gets accused, it’s gotta be a lie. Even though she defended the hell out of flirting with married men at the reunion and said it’s no big deal. Got it.

  8. I wish they would take Kenya whore a-s off the show and Claudia needs to go behind her. Kenya should have done done everybody a favor and died instead of her dog. And you can post this.patric

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