Erica Dixon Gushes About New Boyfriend

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Erica Dixon new boyfriend is NFL player? “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star Erica Dixon is currently battling her ex Lil Scrappy over child support, but it hasn’t stopped her from a budding romance with a NFL player.

Erica is currently dating Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback William Gay.

On the romance, she tells Rolling Out:

“I have a wonderful man right now and I didn’t see it at first. We were just friends and then it was like, ‘We [are] so cool, we can kick it, we vibe together.’ He’s got goals and ambitions. I feel like people get so complacent when they get to a certain point, but you should set higher goals. I love to challenge myself. So that’s very attractive to me.”

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  1. I swear reality stars are like High schoolers when it comes to dating. “Oh! He likes me!” & runs to IG….. They get excited over everyone… Not selective at all

  2. Is this why Scrappy refuses to pay child support? He’s mad a NFL player is hitting Erica’s skins now?

  3. It’s a real relationship. He comes to Atlanta to see her and take her out all the time. Why hate?

  4. Well she’s smarter than Amber Rose. She’s not out here claiming an athlete who isn’t claiming her. Matter of fact, did James Harden ever claim her besides the one sided breakup article she sent to TMZ?

  5. Bambi weeps. She has to settle for Scrappy’s broke a-s when an athlete has always been her first goal.

  6. Erica is so beautiful. And she looks her best with less makeup and a bun. That’s real beauty.

  7. Imo, I don’t see a problem with Erica spurlging for her new man. If I was to do something for my new love interest, tickets to a game would be perfect because I’m not about to pay car notes, bills, his baby mama’s bills, etc….Erica get a pass from me on taking him to one of her hometown team games…

  8. im so sick of erica’s nonglowy dim-eyed azs. she desperately wants to prove something and it’s annoying.

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