Lil Scrappy Throws Subliminal Shade to Erica Amid Child Support Drama

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star Lil Scrappy is currently at odds with his ex Erica Dixon, and the former couple is on rocky waters because of child support drama.

Erica claims Lil Scrappy owes her thousands in unpaid child support, but Scrappy seems to think he doesn’t and he’s father of the year.

He threw a little shade Erica’s way and claps back by making it clear he’s very involved in their daughter’s life:


The rapper also claims via social media that Erica is just faking the whole ordeal for a storyline.


  1. i always seen scrappy with his daughter on ig and erica is always in the club. I use to love erica but not feeling her at all. loves me some bambii.

    1. Now you know you a lie. Erica AND Scrappy ride hard for that little girl. Erica did all her Field Day clothes, and Scrappy shows up to all her events as well. I give them both that!!! The problem is Scrappy isn’t doing his part financially. That has always been an issue. Even before the show.

  2. He sounds like the other bum a-s dad on the show, Stevie J. Stevie was on that bulls-t and complaining he shouldn’t be sued for unpaid child support because he buys his kids Jordans. I can’t make this sh-t up people.

  3. Yes, being around is important, but he also has to contribute financially. So if he’s doing that too and Erica is lying, he needs to prove it so he can shut this down once and for all.

  4. Why doesn’t this big, overgrown doofus realise that because he spends time with his daughter doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to also financially support her? You can’t eat time, nor love, and neither one can shelter you or put clothes on your back. Erica never said he wasn’t a presence in his child’s life, just that he isn’t keeping up with his financial obligations. Scrappy really needs to get his priorities together.

  5. I think Erica is lying too. She always does the most so she won’t be booted off the show. Without Scrappy, she’d have no storyline and she knows it.

    1. without scrap she wouldnt have any of these doors and connections open that she utilizing now. she’s such a hateful bithc.

  6. I’m calling a spade a spade, Erica has no storyline & that’s y she’s pushing for CS. The 1st 2 seasons Scrap was her storyline, 3rd season her broke a-s model boo. If CS was an issue why is it just coming to light. They wasn’t together last season either so why now? Not that Scrappy shouldn’t pay, I just find it a lil fishy.

  7. Scrappy just doesn’t get it it’s good that he is there for his daughter but support is contributing financially he is just as much responsible to keep lights on food in his daughter’s mouth as much as Erica. Support is not just taking her sometimes are most of the times its contributing to where she lives clothes on her back and other everyday necessities. I dont understand whats the problem with giving a monthly check to Erica where your child lives. He acts like he going to be paying 15k or something we all know he broke he will probably be paying 1k a month and that aint sh-t he can make that up in club appearances in a week inexcusable of Scrappy.

  8. Scrappy probably gives Erica a little money here and there and that’s why he needs to be on child support.

  9. Erica is just trying to hold on to that $1,000 a episode check….She bitter because Scrappy has finally stop sleeping with her and has become real serious with Bambi…

  10. You have to pay child support too though Scrappy. I don’t get why he doesn’t understand that.

  11. Too many grown men think spending time with their kids means they don’t have to pay child support. It takes two to make a baby. So both people have to contribute financially.

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