Chris Brown Owns up to Constantly Making Bad Relationship Choices

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day R&B singer Chris Brown caught lots of backlash on social media as him and his friends made multiple threats towards model Tyson Beckford, all because he ran into Karrueche Tran in Vegas, and sources claim the drama was pointless since Tyson isn’t even interested in Karrueche romantically.

While Karrueche Tran is hoping to eventually distance herself from her famous ex, Chris is contemplating all of his bad choices and posting his thoughts on Instagram.

He wrote the following earlier today:

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    1. My thoughts exactly and what brough on this sudden change of heart? Even if he did write this and is truly sincere, he’ll be back at next week with some more drama.

    2. Seems like it to me. He got a lot of backlash for the Tyson thing. Like his own fans were dragging him.

      1. Exactly! His PR realized how bad the backlash was, and that he was losing fans in droves. So this is just an attempt to clean his image up after he showed his a-s again….for the upteenth time. He’ll be turning up again shortly – he can’t help himself.

    1. Of course but this only works with his stans. Everyone else has figured out he is who he is and he’s never going to change.

  1. Nope. He didn’t feel a damn thing when he called Tyson’s baby mama a b-tch. This little boy can go somewhere with his fake apologies.

  2. What the hell does he want for this a damn chocolate chip cookie? All he does is start sh-t just to apologize for it later. He’s a dumba-s.

  3. Funky Dineva is saying that Chris’s team hired an Olivia Pipe type to revamp his image. First step, this BS statement.

  4. I’m cracking up at this lame attempt at damage control. He will just be trying to fight someone else again next month.

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