K Michelle Checks Draya

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer K Michelle told her fans on social media recently that she plans to walk away from her music career after she records another studio album, and she claims her possible early retirement is a result of getting too much hate from folks on social media.

Interestingly enough, it appears she got some hate from a fellow reality star too and we’re not talking about Tamar Braxton.

The other night Draya and K Michelle both appeared on “BET Post Show,” and when fans started to question why things were so awkward between them, K decided to remind Draya that she made some insensitive remarks about her looks.

K says:

“I just know that you tweeted some really mean things about me. And I know you and I just remember everything and it was a little while ago.

“You actually said that I was wasn’t attractive. You said that I was ugly.

“I know it’s difficult to be a single mother. And I know what that’s like. And I’m sorry you don’t think I’m pretty enough but I actually like myself.”


Draya then claimed she doesn’t recall the tweets (she deleted them).


  1. Draya has talked so much trash about so many people that she has no choice but to delete all her tweets once a week.

  2. This is why Draya needs to learn how to keep her unwanted opinions to herself. Those same tweets will always come back to haunt her. And it doesn’t matter if you delete them or not because please believe someone screen shotted it before she took it down.

  3. Who made Draya the authority on beauty? She purchased all of hers and she still isn’t all that in my opinion.

  4. I actually like how K handled this. She got Draya together in a classy way and let her know she’s not about to sit on that couch with her like everything is all good. And it’s telling that Draya can’t remember the tweet. That just shows you she likes to talk badly about people on Twitter on constant basis. She can’t even remember what she said about people anymore.

  5. See this is one of the many reasons why I can’t stand Draya she talks down on people all the time like she is the sh-t. Then her mentality is so f-cked up if you ain’t light skin you ugly if you bigger than her you fat. She is very into light skin slim stereotype and I’m glad Kmichelle called her trifling a-s out.

  6. K. definitely isn’t ugly. Anyway, Draya needs to learn how to play the game. She wants to be a legitimate actress, but she has no clue on how to run her Twitter account. It’s so easy to burn bridge with one tweet. I’m not saying K. can have her blacklisted, but it’s just a matter of time before Draya comes for someone who actually does have the power to shut her little career down.

  7. K got her together with kindness. That’s the best kind of ether because it leaves the other person looking stupid!

  8. Hold on though because K has called Tamar ugly several times and y’all defended it but now y’all mad at Draya?! Chile whatever!!!

    1. K has never called Tamar ugly…she just said she looked like a Muppet, which she does. The difference in this situation also is that Draya didn’t even know K. Michelle nor did she have any beef with her to make such opinions about her looks. The moral of this story is to be careful about sharing your opinions on people on social media because you never know when and if you will cross that person again, especially when you are a public figure and you are speaking on another public figure in a negative manner.

    2. Hellooo somebody feelings hurt for being called ugly but this the same bish that called Tamar a Muppet and struggle face???? Ok ☕

    3. They both need to stop. They can both be great!! Why not support one another especially when you’re in two different lanes?!!! There’s no opportunity for competition between the two of them, it should be easy for them to spread love.

  9. K switched it up on her and she ain’t know how to respond. She wasn’t expecting K to be so classy.

  10. And she tweeted this during the time Rasheed was calling K a liar about the whole Memphitz situation. Draya is such an idiot!

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