K Michelle Comes for Coko of SWV

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer and reality star K Michelle’s music career may be flourishing, but oftentimes she makes headlines due to her feuds with other artists.

She had a notorious feud with Tamar Braxton that resulted in multiple Twitter beefs, and snappy interview quotes.

And although both singers have made peace, now it appears K may be in the process of beefing with another singer.

Apparently Coko of SWV made it clear through retweets that she felt she would have been better suited to sing with Patti LaBelle at last night’s BET Awards, and K was not having it:


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  1. Sh-t K don’t come for nobody unless they come for her. Coko sings circles around K but she started some sh-t she couldn’t finish.

    1. Well to be fair Coko didn’t have to respond and retweet that stuff either. It was petty of her not to let K have her moment. Hate it or not, K can now say she performed with a legend. You just have to give her props considering we didn’t even know who she was a few years ago. Coko was being really petty and mean spirited considering she’s been in the business long enough to know how hard it is to succeed.

  2. Coco could’ve shut her fans down with that talk but she endorsed it by retweeting. She deserved what she got. If BET had wanted her, they would’ve asked. People want to talk about getting respect but don’t want to give any in return.

    1. dont take it personal. coko is a gemini and she is the boooomb soooooo get over it my dear. r we clear? i know we are so shut up.

      1. Don’t nobody give a f-ck about no damn Coko. B-tch mad she couldn’t get an invite to the BET Awards for the last 20 years. Sit your a-s down somewhere.

      2. Both of y’all need to calm down. It’s really not that serious. I gave my opinion and it won’t kill you by the way.

  3. You K stans are so annoying. Y’all literally give her a pass for everything. She was just damn near crying because Draya called her ugly and now here she is a few days later making fun of another woman’s teeth. F-ck her.

  4. Coko is so petty and she a hater. Everybody knows Coko can out sing K hell she can out sing half the damn industry but that’s not the point it’s K’s turn to shine she got the opportunity and instead of congratulating her like a grown woman she throws shade. People need to stop letting these twitter trolls hype them up because the same trolls that hyped her up are laughing when K gathered her a-s real quick.

  5. Both of them were wrong. Coko should have been happy for K. and K. should have been too busy enjoying the moment to even pay attention to negativity.

  6. I forgot that Coko can be a little messy when she wants to be. Her group members already spilled that tea though.

  7. Techinally Coko didn’t say nothing so for K to go in like that…wow…she said chopped teeth…smh

  8. K-Michelle must not know about the infamous Coko she ought to tread lightly Lol!! However Coko didn’t have to retweet all of those tweets. A simple thank you or kiss emoji would have been fine. Once again she let her ego take over.

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