Meek Mill Shades Safaree Samuels

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Meek Mill is still on a high now that he’s snatched up his biggest celebrity crush Nicki Minaj, but it’s been speculated and suggested by her ex Safaree Samuels that the new couple allegedly started messing around before things were officially over with SB.

Regardless, Safaree is trying to launch his own rap career, and he was hoping an appearance on the red carpet at this year’s BET Awards would be of help.

Too bad he was banned.

While some suspected Nicki had something to do with him being banned from the red carpet, Meek Mill denied they had anything to do with it, but he did so with a little bit of shade.

He tells Sway Calloway:

“I don’t get people banned. That’s like calling the cops on people and sh*t like that.

“But what we gotta get him banned from the BET Awards for? He ain’t never been at the BET Awards by himself. I don’t even think he was invited. “


  1. So they are so in love and supposedly a power couple in the making, but still find lots of time to shade someone they consider a nobody. That makes a lot of sense. *ends sarcasm*

  2. He also stalks Safaree’s Instagram page and accidentally liked a picture recently. Meek is so pressed!!

  3. This reeks of insecurity. He finally has the woman he’s always wanted, but he’s too busy worried about Safaree to enjoy it. Stalking Safaree’s Instagram page…shading him on Twitter & IG. Are Meek and Nicki even in a real relationship? I’m starting to wonder if they are just two friends looking for attention and a way to piss off exes who no longer want them.

  4. He’s probably right but it’s always weird to see men hate and worry about non factors. That’s insecure to me.

  5. Meek can comment on Safaree all he wants, doesn’t change the fact that a lot of people wouldn’t even be mentioning him if it weren’t for Nikki. They have something in common but I’m sleep lol.

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