Nicki Minaj Has a Message for Her Haters

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicki Minaj is without a doubt one of the most successful female rappers in today’s music industry, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t aware of her haters on social media.

Apparently the Young Money emcee is feeling some kind of way about people who loathe her so much that they are willing to use Photoshop to be petty.

Nicki took to Instagram to call out her haters and prove the inaccuracies of some photos:

nicki minaj ignicki minaj ig 2


  1. Sh-t she Photoshopped her body in real life walking around here looking like a human blowup doll.

  2. If it bothers her that much for her to post a meme then She is really insecure but she stay preaching a message about being secure.

  3. No matter if she admits it or not but you can really see the affect the breakup has had on Nicki. She has been very out of character from acting like she needs to be up under Meek all the time to lashing out every 5 seconds. People been on her about plastic surgery since day 1 I don’t understand why its a problem. She probably feeling insecure because of SB has a new girl but she will never admit it. I stand by what I said she should have taken some time for herself before jumping in a new relationship because real talk she out here looking crazy.

  4. K…so why didn’t she comment on the clip of her with the phone in her young “acting” days..she was pretty flat then. And why is she so against ever being flat, is it really that bad? We all know your body is fake Nicki i mean you said it yourself “It’s finally soft, yeah it’s finally soft!” remember?.

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