Jhené Aiko Shades Drake?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Just about everyone has an opinion on the Drake and Meek Mill situation, and many are still debating about just how important it is for a rapper to write their own lyrics in 2015.

Ice Cube feels legit emcees should be penning their own verses, while others in the game think it’s just about getting hits at this point.

Now Jhené Aiko is chiming in and some seem to think she may have shaded Drake.

All Hip Hop writes:

Now R&B singer Jhené Aiko seems to be the latest celebrity to question Drake’s credibility. Check out her tweet below.

jhene twitter

Did Jhené Aiko just suggest Drake is “a person who is an expert at trickery or deceit”? The “Post To Be” performer later walked back what she posted, somewhat…

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  1. Lol at his stans trying to compare him to Beyoncé. They will pull anyone down to defend him. Hilarious.

    1. So true. You can’t even discuss music with most of them because they are so ignorant about music. They say stupid things like, “why does it matter if he doesn’t write his own raps?!” “Everyone does it!” Just ignorant all around. But then again, it makes sense. No true Hip Hop head or music lover head would stan for Drake.

  2. I find it funny people jus take meek mills words/opinion about someone he’s obviously jealous over. If Drake doesn’t write his own s@$t, I mean seriously is he the only 1? Dam move on to something else. Enough of that buls@$t already. If the truth be told about other rappers/singers would it really be this much uproar?

    1. Smh. You’re the kind of stan I was describing in my first comment on this post. We can’t even discuss music without y’all being irrational and pretending like Drake is oppressed. Hip Hop is an art and artists have called each other out and battled for years. Get over it.

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