Wendy Williams Suffers Embarrassing Moment During Comedy Tour

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Wendy Williams is currently on her very first comedy tour, but the daytime talk queen probably didn’t expect to give her audience something else to laugh at besides her jokes.

Page Six writes:

Wendy Williams was in Houston, Texas, with her national “Sit Down Tour … Too Real for Stand Up” show, when she miscalculated her steps and fell off the stage.

After someone rushed to aid the 5-foot-11 talk show host, Williams jokingly grabbed the microphone and told the audience, “Shut the f–k up! Shut the f–k up, OK!? There’s the fall that never happened. So, put that on YouTube.”

Ever the good sport about the stumble, Williams, who was wearing denim shorts and a white T-shirt, added, “Number one, this is like our seventh city on our 12-city comedy tour. Number two, every stage is different. I didn’t see that s–t.”


  1. Lol that’s what she gets I don’t feel sorry her because I remember when Beyonce fell or tripped she laughed.

  2. Dammit the Beyoncé fall was funnier….anyway ummm was this staged??? How u miss-stepped and u was looking down making sure u didn’t miss-step and then how u fall off the stage while walking slow-moderately in sneakers??? That champagne must’ve gotten to her cuz that’s the only way smh….and like some1 said she is shaped funny. I thought Wendy was big boned wit big a$$ boobs and no butt. She doesn’t have a butt but my friend told me she was slim wit just a bunch of damn boobs (white woman shape)

  3. Who actually paid to go to this. LMBO. Wendy is not entertaining, I can’t hear what she’s saying for looking at her funny made body.ewww. She’s in the public eye, you would had thought someone on her team would had said to deflate some of her big a-s t-tties. DAMN. She looks a MESS.

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