Porsha Williams Addresses Rumored Money Problems

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams is likely to return to season eight of the hit reality show as a peach holder, but gossip blog Media Take Out won’t let her enjoy the good news now that they have exposed her current financial issues.

According to the blog, Porsha’s RHOA checks are being garnished by her condo (Porsha is behind on HOA payments).

The site also claims court documents show she’s being sued by Ford Motor Company.

Porsha isn’t exactly denying the report and responded back in a now deleted Instagram post:

No one can expect to leave a divorce without scars, but guess what? God is my healer and my past does not predict my future. I’m in a better place and your evil will not ruin my day. I’m working hard rebuilding and I’m extremely successful with a lot of love and support! No one will steal my joy or shame me, so kick rocks and find someone else to try [to] destroy!

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  1. *giggles* I told y’all this child is nothing but a loser. Anyway, all the people who have wronged Kenya got their karma. I love it.

    1. So you’re going to pretend Kenya hasn’t gotten plenty of karma herself? By the way, what happened to Life Twirls On? LOL.

      1. That trash will never get picked up by a network. And did she ever pay Janet? Twirl let’s not talk about karma boo when your fave is out here still catching L’s as we type.

          1. @ Anonymous Uncouth you say? Aww I’m glad you’re mad. That gif gets yall riled up every single time. Truth is that floor dragging Kenya got is why yall hate Porsha to this very day. LOL.

        1. Yes it was but let’s talk about that new game show she has with Betty White on ABC though! When. Will. Kenya.

  2. Porsha is doing just fine. She’s learning how to fend for herself and has money coming in multiple ways. MTO needs to have a seat.

    1. Exactly. Hell she probably isn’t even the only one being garnished the way that crew gets down. Peter is literally out here getting sued left and right. Call them all out.

      1. Peter is officially being evicted because of back due rent on Bar None. Let’s not act like Porsha or Nene wrote the RHOA manual on money problems.

  3. It does take time to rebuild after you have been torn down. I salute her for grinding to get it together, rather than sit around and wait for another man to take care of her. She is learning that she has to make her own now. Progress is always good. Fluck MT.

  4. Interesting comments. I’m sure y’all wouldn’t be so supportive and understanding if this was Kenya being garnished.

      1. The funny thing is Porsha has the exact same effect on y’all. Twirl was even the first one to comment. :-/

  5. This was very messy of MTO. Her ex didn’t leave her with anything. But at least she’s learning how to provide for herself. She’s fulltime on RHOA again, didn’t get fired from Rickey Smiley unlike Claudia, and has a hair and t-shirt line. I can’t hate on that.

  6. I just don’t see how other women can make fun of a woman who is divorced and learning to stand on her own two feet.

  7. Sh-t all of them for the most part ain’t got a pot to p-ss in if Bravo gets rid of them except Kandi, Phaedra and NeNe. Let’s keep it 100.

  8. I’m really just amazed at how Kenya’s stans are laughing when Kenya had money problems before RHOA. Her finances were so bad she literally needed RHOA. Don’t forget she is a struggling “black actress” who couldn’t find work outside of the flop movies she produced. It takes money to make movies and when no one is watching them, you’re just losing money.

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