Wendy Williams Shuts Down NeNe Leakes?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Wendy Williams and NeNe Leakes’ “friendship” ended when Wendy made some snide remarks about NeNe on her successful talk show, and the feud resulted in a nasty confrontation at a woman’s conference in Atlanta.

But now sources claim the feud is a lot nastier than it looks.

Love B. Scott writes:

NeNe was in development for her own daytime talk show that was slated to air weekdays after The Wendy Williams Show.

Because the show was being produced by the same people who work with Wendy (Debmar-Mercury), the powers that be consulted with her before moving forward. Wendy gave NeNe & co. her blessing…despite there being rumors that the two didn’t really get along.

One day, Wendy went on air and criticized NeNe for defacing her Hermes Birkin bag — you know how Wendy does. NeNe didn’t take too kindly to her comments and blasted Wendy in an open letter – the one where she called her “Wendell.”

After that, Wendy went back to her people and basically gave them an ultimatum – It’s either her (NeNe), or me.

They chose Wendy based off the success of her existing show. NeNe’s talk show died.


    1. U mean Wendy was being a bully. If Nene defaced her own Birkin bag then what is it to Wendy….she needs to mind her biz…..and then just bcuz she’s Wendy no1 is suppose to stand up for themselves FOH

  1. Well, if it’s in the cards for Nene to have her own talk show, she will and no one including Wendy man looking a-s can stop it. What God has….

  2. I love Wendy….. Nene is getting back what she dished out. Dont be mad Nene, now you see how it feels. “It hurts”

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