Turns Out Azealia Banks Might Have Been Right About Nicki Minaj’s Wax Figure

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicki Minaj is easily the most successful female rapper of today, and with her surging success comes more accomplishments.

Recently Nicki was given her very own Madame Tussauds wax figure and although she was excited with the honor, fellow rapper Azealia Banks warned her on Twitter that people were going to be reckless with Nicki’s wax figure because it’s her signature Anaconda pose.

Just to refresh your memory, Azealia tweeted (read from bottom to top):

azealia tweets 2

azealia tweets

Turns out, Azealia was right about people being reckless with the wax figure.

Recently, a photo of a young man disrespecting Nicki’s wax figure went viral:

nicki wax figure drama

Madame Tussauds responded with the following statement and claims additional security will cut down the madness:

nicki wax drama 2


Screenshots obtained by Say Cheese TV


  1. Azealia is an annoying attention whore but yeah she called it. Nicki is too much of an airhead to see the bigger picture though.

    1. I don’t think Nicki is an airhead at all. She just thinks she has to play by a certain set of rules to win. Lil Kim was the same way (yeah I said it).

  2. Azealia was absolutely right and shows how smart and well aware she is just unfortunate that she is a troll with a bad attitude it is often overlooked.

  3. Like I said. I agree with Azealia all the way but it doesn’t matter if Nicki doesn’t see a problem with this.

  4. The wax figure is disrespectful. It should either be changed or removed altogether. This type of disrespect would never stand in other circumstances. FURTHERMORE and probably more importantly, that idiot boy in a physically mature body who decided to do this and share his lunacy with the world needs to be publicly ridiculed for his behavior. He is an idiot of the highest order and his actions are beneath us all.

  5. But Nicki doesn’t care she posted pics on her ig of two women, one licking her butt while the other one grabbing her breasts…I guess this fool said why not?

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