Photo: Drake & Serena Williams Back On?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Drake and Serena Williams used to date a few years ago, and although things didn’t work out between them, the stars remained on good terms.

However, sources seem to think they might be back on.

And with a new photo of them seemingly making out in a restaurant recently making rounds on the blogs, there could be some truth to the speculation.

TMZ writes:

Hours after Serena dominated and won the WTA tournament in Cinci — with Drake in the crowd — the two hit up the uber-fancy Sotto restaurant in downtown for some hoity-toity Italian food (the porterhouse is $85).

The two had a private room in the back of the eatery — where they couldn’t keep their hands and lips off of each other … while several patrons watched.

People inside the restaurant tell us the two were joined by 6 other people …and at one point ordered a round of tequila shots for the table.

serena and drake kissing
Photo Credit: TMZ Sports


  1. Drake is a THOT. Why women like Rihanna and Serena would give them any of their time I’ll never understand. He doesn’t deserve more than the Instagram THOTs he’s used to.

    1. Rihanna never took Drake seriously though and that’s why he always runs back to her. He’s always been just a rebound for her. Serena is actually in love with Drake. LOL.

  2. I knew there had to be a reason he was showing up to all of her matches all of a sudden. So what happened to her coach?

  3. This is why I think Drake is a fake attention whore. He only dates people when they are popular at the moment, and when he’s not, he’s looking for girls to trick on from strip clubs and Instagram. He’s not trying to settle down.

  4. If she’s happy thats all that matters! I love that Drake loves on her! She’s an amazing athlete, he’s on top of his game… whats not to love!!!

  5. I thought she broke up with Drake because she caught him cheating on her back in the day. So this is kind of a downgrade for her.

  6. The last time she thought she was dating Drake he ended up being pictured with some model and all Serena could do is rant about it on Twitter. I like Drake but he isn’t good at relationships. Serena knows this but she’s not going to listen to her brain right now because she’s always wanted things to work with Drake. But he will get bored with her again soon, and she will once again be looking stupid.

  7. When did her and her coach break up? That whole situation was a mess. Drake gets on my nerves, but at least he’s not married.

  8. I’m in the process of working things out wit my ex….but we are both on the same level and share the same goals. Love, success, health, wealth,wanting a family, and getting married. Serena is older than me. I think she needs to b thinking about long term that’s if she wants to be In a real relationship….wanna get married and have a family. Hopefully she doesn’t waste the rest of her uterus away on Drake

  9. I’m sorry but I’m so disappointed. What does Drake really have to offer Serena? We have yet to see him be with anyone on a public level without screwing it up somehow.

  10. When you pick an ex up out the trash can, they are still trash. I don’t like how he did her the first time.

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