Is This Chris Brown’s New Boo?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Chris Brown’s on and off romance with Karrueche Tran went south yet again after he fathered a child outside of the relationship, and Karrueche told the media that she was done and wants to now focus on her acting career.

Now that Karrueche is making a name for herself as the acting roles line up, Chris must be realizing that Karrueche may not be coming back this time.

So it’s no surprise that a young woman has been spotted hanging around him heavily for the last week.

She’s even met his daughter too:

#ChrisBrown & #Royalty spotted with a girl that’s been around Chris a lot lately @amyshehab

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  1. So this random has already been around his daughter but there’s no outrage like it was when Ciara had Baby Future around Russell? The double standards are real.

      1. Zzzzzz huh? That explains why the point went right over your head. Jesus be some common sense and logical thinking skills. Girl bye.

        1. You talking about logic and common sense LOL how about you mind your business. AGAIN unless your name is Nia or Chris your opinion doesn’t matter. And why do you care anyway? Let these people live their lives without all the unnecessary judgement.

          1. My opinion doesn’t matter but yours does? Girl get over yourself. Everyone on here is entitled to an opinion. And if you prefer not to read comments about other people’s lives, stay off gossip blogs. You’re really dimwitted.

          2. You’re not minding your business either if you’re on this blog. This is a celebrity news and gossip blog. So yeah…

          3. Who the f-ck are you supposed to be? We can state our opinions on anybody we want to on here. That’s why there’s a f-king comment form. Take your holier than a-s on because you’re on here reading about other people’s businesses with the rest of our nosy a-ses.

          4. I really think you missed the whole point. YeahISaidIt isn’t mad about this woman being around Royalty. Her point is all the flak Ciara got was sexist because when a man brings a woman around his child, no one cares. There’s no think pieces on it or social media debates. There were literally so many articles written about Baby Future meeting Russell Wilson. No blog is going to make a big deal out of this woman being around Royalty so soon though. That was her point and she is absolutely correct. There’s a really huge double standard at play.

  2. Anybody with good sense wouldn’t date Chris. I’m just going to wait for the outrage and the slander for Chris Brown like it was for Ciara for having some random chick around his daughter.

      1. That’s the part that gets me. They want a woman to basically remain single after a relationship doesn’t work because she has a kid? They were already mad about Ciara before Baby Future met Russell because they don’t like the fact that she went from a Future to a NFL star with his life together. They think all baby mamas deserve to be lonely.

  3. Ugh I think it’s so weak how he needs to have some kind of groupie in his life to feel complete. Even with a child, he’s still a needy mess.

  4. She’s essentially another Karrueche. She’ll try to get some “fame” too. One minute Chris complains about women using him and then he goes right back on Instagram to find someone new to use him. It doesn’t make sense.

  5. I think she’s cute but I don’t see why these women try to date this man. he’s just going to cheat on you and disrespect you.

  6. Not sure if this is his new boo, a nanny, stylist or whatever. She is very pretty actually in my opinion looks better than Karreuche. I just feel bad for the poor girl if she is dating him cause the hate coming her way is about to be crazy.

  7. And this is just going to be one more thing Nia is going to complain about with that child support mess. She’ll just say she’s concerned because Chris has random women around Royalty. Watch and see.

  8. 1. People who can’t handle reading criticism about celebrities or reading about their personal lives probably shouldn’t visit gossip blogs. Everyone on here who reads and/or comments isn’t minding their business. So the soapbox standing is very inauthentic.

    2. How Chris still gets women after how he treats them is beyond me.

    My two cents.

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