Watch: Lil Scrappy Goes off on Erica Dixon Amid Child Support Battle

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lil Scrappy and Erica Dixon are currently at odds while they battle over child support, and in a preview for the second half of the reunion, Scrappy goes completely off on his ex.

VH1 writes:

Scrappy and Erica Dixon don’t seem any closer to resolving their custody battle. In a sneak peek for part two of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion, Scrappy has a full on meltdown on stage battling with Erica over whether or not he owes her back child support.

Momma Dee and Bambi try to offer support to Scrappy, saying he’s an excellent father and Erica doesn’t dispute that but says he doesn’t provide the way he’s supposed to. Scrappy, getting increasingly angrier, says he doubts whether or not Erica is good mother because Erica is always out and about and he has reason to believe that maybe she’s not an ideal parent.


    1. Exactly. Like what real man is opposed to doing what’s best for their child? Then he said something like well when she’s with me I will pay for things but that’s not real financial support. That’s the bare minimum. Erica doesn’t need to get rich from child support but he needs to do more.

  1. I think child support can be a good thing if both sides can agree on a number. He wanted to pay $2000 and she wanted $5000, so why not meet in the middle and call it a day?

  2. Bambi’s horse a-s needs to stop fronting. She has no clue how to balance a check book with her broke a-s.

  3. Bambi said Erica uses Scrappy for relevance but here she is interjecting herself into something that has nothing to do with her. So who’s using who for a storyline?

  4. Scrappy so full of sh-t you can tell he feels like he shouldn’t have to pay. First the excuse was he a full time dad then it was how he put Erica on so she should be grateful then he said her man a football player like to say why she asking him for money even though Emani is his child. Then in true bitter baby daddy fashion he start accusing her of being a bad mother Scrappy so pathetic.

  5. Bambi really needs to learn how to stay out of this and instead of encouraging Scrappy to hate the mother of his child who she claims to love, she should be encouraging him to pay child support. Don’t say you love Emani but you’re cheering her father on to hurt and humiliate her mother.

  6. Um, what does her having a football player boyfriend have to do with Emani? Scrappy aint chit for that one. And what does Erica making her own money have to do with him paying child support? Absolutely nothing…. Pay that woman and shut up Scrappy.

  7. He seems pressed about Erica’s boyfriend. Like why even bring him up? Is her new dude supposed to be paying for Emani’s well being?

  8. Scrappy is a lil b*tch, real talk. He talking about she got a football player like he really expecting some other man to pick up his slack. He’s a damn sorry a$$ dead beat piece of sh*t. The courts don’t give a f*ck if he put her on a reality show. His a$$ working and he gotta pay. From what it sounds like she tried coming to an agreement to keep the courts from being involved but because he’s a bitter b*tch he chose not to do a damn thing and she did what she had to do. And momma dee a$$ sitting there taking up for sorry a$$ is the reason he’s like he is. A real mother would be encouraging her son to support his kids. Sorry a$$ mother and sorry a$$ son. Point blank period.

  9. Scrappy is really pissed Erika got a new man who’s an upgrade from him. That is his whole issue with her. Bambi needs to shut the f-ck up and stop getting involved with sh-t that don’t have anything to do with her.

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