Karrueche is ‘Bored’ with Chris Brown Drama, Wants Him to Move On

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Karrueche Tran isn’t happy that Chris Brown’s friends seemingly threatened Marques Houston for lusting over her on Instagram (one in particular posted a picture of guns and made threats in the caption), but the singer’s ex-girlfriend claims to be bored with all the ongoing drama.

Gossip Cop writes:

“I’m bored and tired of this situation,” Tran complains to Gossip Cop exclusively. “I don’t get it because I’m single. So why is there still drama?” The model-turned-actress, who worked on a movie with Marques, notes that she thinks it’s long past time Brown “matures” and lets her “move on,” particularly since he’s been photographed with other women since the split.

Tran further tells Gossip Cop, “My focus is perfecting my craft and enjoying my life.” As for “violence” and “negativity,” she says she doesn’t “want anything to do” with it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem likely Brown will get the memo. Just Thursday he wrote on Twitter in a message widely-believed to be directed at Tran, “Don’t know who you are anymore. I wish there was still an ‘us.’ I love who I love. Take nothing for granted [100 percent].”


    1. Right. Karrueche better be careful about what she asks for. Chris may be crazy but he’s the reason she’s “famous” right now.

  1. Something tells me she’s loving every second of Chris and his goons’ outbursts. It’s really the only way she stays in the news.

  2. So how many blogs does she need to talk to about this? B-tch is happy as hell to be popping again. But can she pop without Chris? I doubt that sh-t. She better get her another baller soon before the public loses interest. Or she may as well go ahead and call Mona’s evil a-s.

  3. Not a fan of karrueche nor chris but what do you people suggest? Jus curious..the situation is stupid n alot of negativity is still associated with chris&co. (Tyson Beckford)..so is chris Goin to lash out at everyone that gives karrueche a compliment? His dum ass friends going to threaten everyone as well? Regardless how she got where she is,it’s f@$ked up he’s still trying to control her. Another Future. .but what do I know. .Jus saying

  4. Chris and his friends ain’t nothing but fake thugs. They are going to try the wrong person one day and get f-cked up.

  5. She has every right to talk about him. He keeps bringing her up and popping off at anybody That shows any interest in her. She has gone through enough with his a-s. I hope she keep her head focused on whatever she wants in life and leave him where he is…in a bunch of sh*t every week with his BM problems. Whether she is relevant (so sick of bum a$$es throwing That word around) because of him is irrelevant.

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