Watch: Rihanna & Travis Scott Get Cozy in the Club

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Pop star Rihanna is always being linked to someone in the industry but in most cases, the relationships have just been inaccurate rumors and tabloid talk.

But it appears there’s really some truth to the latest gossip.

TMZ got hands on footage of Rihanna and Travis Scott getting cozy in the club recently.

TMZ writes:

Rihanna and Travis Scott were like two dogs in heat early Friday morning at her Fashion Week after-party … making out, grinding and dry humping each other as if no one was watching.

Fact is … they were openly and notoriously affectionate in front of a room full of people.

The two have been hanging out in NYC this week, fueling rumors they’ve hooked up … but this video pretty much confirms it.

Rihanna isn’t exactly keeping things a secret either. She posted a photo of herself buying Travis’ album recently to her Instagram account:

Finally!!!!! Got my hard copy of #RODEO

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  1. Rih seems happy. I didn’t see this coming but it’s good to see she’s really done with Chris and his foolishness.

  2. She is trash and the Navy is in denial. Not even 30 yet and is a drugged out, passed around industry $lut. And she has the nerve to lie and be offended about Matt Barnes. Ain’t no bouncing back after this. Her music and popularity was already starting to slip. Like Wendy Williams said Rihanna is not girlfriend material. These dudes just smash, get free publicity off her and bounce. Nobody wifing or claiming this h@e. She is now scrapping the bottom of the barrel with this 23 year old gremlin. SMH

    1. What drugs is Rihanna on?
      Dating makes her a slut? So are the men she’s dated sluts too?
      So Wendy Williams knows Rihanna personally to have an opinion about her that matters?
      Every man Rihanna has dated has claimed her.
      So because you don’t find him attractive and you don’t know his resume, he’s the bottom of the barrel? Who are you?

      1. Another delusional in denial Stan. What drugs is she on? Really!!! Not only is she a well known pothead (weed is a drug bird brain), she is possibly a cokehead too. I seen the video and unlike you Stan’s that cosign everything she does, it was very obvious she was snorting coke. I’m sure you saw the video of this trash $lut sitting on her grandfathers lap with a blunt in her hand. Just classless and disrespectful. Trust and believe if someone keeps whispering the same thing over and over about someone, chances are there is some truth in what’s being said. She has been ran thru and past around and still not being claimed by anyone. The Navy is angry today in their feelings because of these receipts. When just yesterday they swore up and down Rihanna would never stoop so low or mess with someone so ugly. Like I said her time is just about up and truth is she has been falling off lately. She ain’t bouncing back after this. She is a industry $lut just in the past few months Leo, Karim, Lewis Hamilton, Matt Barnes and now Travis Scott. SMDH

          1. Angry? Never that. This is a message board am I not allow to state my opinion just like everyone else? Are YOU angry because my opinion is different from your’s? ?✌?️

          2. So you do wake up that way. Ok. And please don’t try to flip this. You’re really not intelligent enough to make that work out. Angry people go anonymous on gossip blogs and call people they don’t even know names because they’re bitter about their own lives. It’s Saturday. Log off and figure out why you’re ok with being so mad at Rihanna and speaking on her s-x life with so much anger when you don’t even know her. That’s not normal.

      2. And who has claimed her? Ain’t nobody other than Chris Brown and Matt Kemp claimed her. Leo had his fun with her then sent her on her way. He doesn’t even want his name associate with her trash a$$. He suing tabloids over any story they print about him being linked to Rihanna. Sad he doesn’t even want the association. And some of these men are $luts too but fair or not women can’t act like men when it comes to dating. Get mad all you want but Wendy Williams was right. Rihanna is not girlfriend material. She is a pothead, nasty attitude and bad reputation with a high body count. Who would want that for a wife or to take her home to meet their mom. Smash and dash but never take serious. And once Travis’s ugly a$$ is done with her he is going to blast her nasty a$$ in one of his raps JUST WAIT ON IT.

        1. Rihanna really has you pressed sweetheart. Rihanna never dated Leo. They have been friends for years. He threw her a birthday party but they have never dated. And the only magazines he’s suing are the ones who lied and said he got Rih pregnant and refuses to take care of the child. Why would he be ok with magazines calling him a deadbeat father? That’s defamation of character. Get your facts straight.

          And who are you to say what women can do? Are you God boo? You think your opinion matters more than it really does. Rihanna is just like any other single young woman. She dates and has serious relationships that don’t always work out. But she’s strong enough to keep it pushing and live her life when it doesn’t instead of worrying what bitter people think about her.

          Lastly, Wendy saying anything about Rihanna when she’s a former crackhead who had s-x for drugs is hypocrisy at its finest. Just stop sis. You’re fuming over nothing. At least wait to get mad when Rihanna gets yet another platinum album.

          1. There’s nothing more pathetic than a sexist woman. It would be nice if she had this kind of anger and passion for men who date a lot of people.

          2. The strong denial is funny at this point. Did you do your research? Leo just sued another magazine for printing another story about him and Rihanna. Funny how this one wasn’t even about him fathering her kid. He doesn’t want his name associated with her PERIOD. So you get your facts straight! Like I said the truth hurts. She is a drugged out $lut and the Navy is embarrassed and mad about these receipts showing her looking extremely close with someone they think is not good enough for her.

            The only career your fave is ending is her own. She ain’t popping like she was a few years ago. And now hooking up with some pimple face, plait wearing 23 year old is a new low even for her LOL. ✌?️✌?✌? you get no more of my time.

  3. He doesn’t want his name associated with her when they’ve been friends for years and he threw her a birthday party a few months ago. Yeah, that makes so much sense boo. Like I said…they were never dating. And have been friends for a long time and have even vacationed together. The only mags he sued are the ones calling him a deadbeat. You know that but need to say otherwise because you are obsessed and bitter. Now run along to some other site to bash Rihanna because I’m sure that’s all you do on the weekends.

  4. You Rihanna stans are delusional. Y’all are actually on here trying to cosign her settling with this mediocre nobody but dragging Ciara for getting with a filthy rich and handsome NFL star? The nerve.

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