Porsha Williams Gets the Last Laugh

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Weeks ago Porsha Williams was blasted by Media Take Out for her money problems, but now the reality star has managed to pay off some major debt.

The Jasmine Brand writes:

Earlier this year, the news broke of Porsha’s money issues including the lawsuit with Ford Motor Company and accusations the reality star owed tens of thousands in relation to her Atlanta Condo where she was renting. It was reported that the companies were garnishing her paychecks to collect on their debt.

Then on September 4th, docs were filed in Georgia that state Porsha’s nearly 10k debt to Ford Motor Company has been paid off in full and the lien against her has been cancelled as a result.


  1. Well looks like her multiple jobs are paying off. I’m sure this is one of the reasons Kenya envies her somewhat. She doesn’t understand how someone she feels is dumb has managed to get a real career from Housewives and she hasn’t.

    1. I’ve said since day one Kenya is jealous of Porsha and still is. As many fake boyfriends as that woman has had, she still hasn’t gotten any major coins outside of Bravo. LOL.

      1. *giggles* Kenya has no reason to be jealous of Porsha. Have you been keeping up with Porsha’s life? One divorce, two failed relationships since the divorce, debt, and a record. Yeah, she has Dish Nation but Kenya has her own hair line, a TV show in the works, and many more businesses on the way. She’s not thinking about Porsha.

        1. How many hair products has Kenya sold Twirl? And no you can’t count samples she gave away at the hair show. What store are her products in boo? What network picked up Life Flops On? I’ll wait.

  2. Hopefully now she is more mature with her money. Now that she can’t depend on a man to take care of her, she has to learn how to fend for herself.

  3. Why do u guys constantly bring Kenya up when Porcha is mentioned? Some of u are a bunch of pitiful, no life obsessed a-s trolls. Move on already, damn.

    1. It’s spelled Porsha. And we’ll talk about whatever, whoever, whenever we please. I mean really what are you going to do about it besides pound away at your keyboard? You’ll live. LOL.

      1. Awww, the little girl is looking 4 attention. Maybe u should be more focused on you and yours instead of fighting the next b-tch battles. I don’t even know why I responded 2 your bored a-s. Good day sir.

        1. Now sis, you’re going to have to work on your clap backs on here. You lack wit and everything you type is hypocritical. And throwing in a few curse words doesn’t make your response any less weak. You said we have no lives and we’re bored, yet you’re on here commenting and reading posts just like we are. I mean look how quickly you responded to me. The self read! Oh and maybe you should focus on you and yours as well, and stop worrying about what other grown people choose to talk about on these posts. Why are you so bitter about blog comments anyway? Shouldn’t you be too busy living your fabulous (LOL) life to see all the comments we write on Porsha posts? Sounds like you’re on this blog just as much as us no life having trolls are. Stop telling on yourself.

          1. The things folks do for likes, lol. I’m sorry I don’t have the time 2 read u properly, I’m 2 busy focusing on getting my bread up. As far as my mispellings, blame it on my swipe keypad. Just because u have the time 2 proof your comments doesn’t mean that those of us with a life do. Each time that I respond 2 u, I’m at a red light not in my bed trolling. Ur probably an ugly a-s female that wishes she looked like PORSHA and feels obligated 2 Stan 4 her. U are not her boo boo, lol. If u spoke of God the way u speak of Porsha u would be good. I will leave u alone and allow u 2 finish watching Maury or Judge Judy or whatever it is nothing a-s jobless do during the day. I wish u and Porsha the best hon.

          2. Likes? What like buttons do you see on here, genius? My goodness you’re not the sharpest tool from the tool box. I said nothing about your grammar, I just simply pointed out that using multiple curse words to respond or debate someone is weak. And here you are back yet again (even though you claimed you were done because you’re oh so busy) resorting to personal insults because you’re an idiot and lack wit. How can you read anyone when your comebacks are nothing but ghetto trash? Even a gay man would chew you up and spit you out easily with the trashy diatribe you’ve written on here. The school system failed you dear. You’re simply not smart enough to keep up. I feel bad for you because you don’t know how to keep your ashy foot out of your big mouth. And I have to really chuckle at you for actually responding to me at the red light. Boo, I’ve already won. I’ve managed to show everyone that the pedestal you were just on is a farce. No one with an actual life or self esteem thinks arguing with a stranger on a blog is so important that they actually do it while they are behind the wheel. You’re arguing with me while you’re on the road boo. That’s the definition of pressed my dear. You’re so delusional, trashy and incoherent that you don’t even realize that you’ve managed to show us that you’re everything you tried to label us as…a no life having, bored and obsessed troll. Girl get it together. You’re a joke and sadly embarrassing. Your fantasies about me won’t erase the realities about you. LOL.

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