Watch: Miles & Milan Talk Current Relationship Status on ‘Wendy Williams Show’

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” stars Miles and Milan made headlines last week because Milan revealed they had called it quits, but the couple gave an update on their status on their recent appearance on the “Wendy Williams Show.”

The couple is very much back together, and to no surprise, they revealed the cause of their most recent breakup was Miles’ ex-girlfriend Amber.

Apparently Milan was angry at Miles for posting about him and Amber on a recent Instagram post.

He tells Wendy:

“You know how couples are. We go back and forth. He did something like…his picture…I didn’t appreciate him posting me on his Instagram with his ex.

“Anybody who would post their current with their ex, it just made me feel a certain kind of way so I was kind of like upset but he explained to me what it was.

“We’re back together.”


The couple also opened up about why it was so hard for Miles to come clean with Amber. Click next for the details.

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  1. Milan is so petty and he’s very emotional. Who gets upset over an IG posts? He has Miles, they have matching tattoos for crying out loud. He needs to stop being so threatened by Amber. I hope they don’t turn into the Orland and Draya of LHHH. Couples who are on and off like that annoy me to no end.

  2. I think I’m going to watch that special tonight. Does anyone know when the Black Ink reunion comes on though?

    1. The black ink reunion comes on tonight but I think the Out in Hip Hop thing comes on after the LHHH repeat. 11pm maybe?

      1. Is it wrong that I want Duchess to plant her stiletto heel in Quannie’s throat? I loathe that gap-toothed, instigating hoe!

  3. I don’t watch lhh but this guy Milan rubbed me the wrong way with what he said about the woman should’ve known. Umm the man he is sleeping with is the one that deceived her and if he was upfront about his sexuality she wouldn’t have to guess.

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