Milan Comes for Amber, She Claps Back

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s been an intense season of “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” and many would agree that gay couple Miles and Milan are partly to thank for the show’s intensity this time around.

Miles loves Milan, but he was fearful of telling his close friend and ex-girlfriend Amber about his attraction to men.

In the most recent episode he finally came clean, and it left Amber distraught and emotionally broken.

But Milan just feels that Amber should have known from jump that Miles is into men.

He tweeted the following hours ago (read tweets from bottom to top):

milan twitter 2 main

milan twitter

 Amber wasn’t here for Milan’s tweets. Click next to read her response.

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  1. Amber was naive and decided to trust Miles when she shouldn’t have. It’s a life lesson. But Milan needs to keep it cute. You reap what you sow.

  2. I said this yesterday that this man rubbed me the wrong way from his statement yesterday now my feelings are confirmed after reading his very insensitive tweets. Honestly I’m totally disgusted with this situation not because of them being gay but the presumption of the burden being on one person about the other person sexuality. All he had to do was be honest about his sexuality that’s not for her to guess. Yea maybe she should’ve listened to her family but still the burden isn’t on her it’s on the man he is sleeping with. And the fact that he is trying to blame her literally disgust me and is a problem that I have with how some gay people think.

  3. Like I said yesterday, Milan is petty. He has Miles to himself, why must get rub it in Amber’s face? This man needs to grow up.

  4. Milan seems pressed!!! LOL….cuz he knows deep down in his wittle heart…that Miles sometimes wants an almond joy/sometimes he wants mounds and can leave him for a woman who will accept that he is bi and give him a baby and family anyway. That is just how these flip flop people are

  5. “most people are familiar with him showing his a-s…” The SHADE!! Lmao! That sex tape was dry af though. Anywho, from one gay man to another, Milan need to sit down and shut up. He rubs me the wrong way with that b-tchy, and emotional attitude not to mention he always running his mouth.

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