‘Power’ Creator Doesn’t Feel Enough White People Are Watching

Photo Credit: STARZ
Photo Credit: STARZ

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Power” is easily one of the most popular shows on Starz, and many feel the show may have better writing and storylines than “Empire,” and this is one of the several reasons the shows are constantly compared to each other.

With “Empire” beginning to lose a little steam in ratings, the pressure is on “Power” to keep the momentum going.

The last season ended with a bang and the actors have already started filming the upcoming season.

But the show’s creator is a little worried about the show’s future because she feels like white people aren’t really watching it.

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  1. Wow……but like to have a hit show White people have to watch it??? I am really tired of us Black people feeling like we need approval from White folks all the damn time. I don’t watch a lot of White shoes and don’t know the names I never hear of White folks checking for us to see if we seen them doing something smh

  2. White people don’t need to watch because they’ll just think all those stereotypes are true. I hate how they did his wife’s character. It’s like they hate black women. They make his Latina gf home wrecker seem like an angel and Tasha is the money hungry hood rat holding him back from leaving the drug game. I just hate how all the darker skinned characters are portrayed.

  3. I think 50 cent and his shenanigans definitely hurt his show. Power is a great show with/without him, but his constant ranting in the media against Empire definitely didn’t help his case any.

  4. Start doesn’t get ratings like that anyway. Power’s success is unheard of. Does the demographic really matter at the end of the day when the show is the most watched on Starz?

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