NeNe Leakes Pulls a Surprising Move?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

NeNe Leakes decided to walk away from “Real Housewives of Atlanta” before season eight even began filming, and some of her most loyal fans were shocked.

When asked if she would even make appearances on the upcoming season, NeNe claimed she won’t but could return in future seasons.

Well it’s highly possible NeNe may have had a change of heart. Click next for the details.

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  1. Umm she doesn’t need to do this. She needs to let the show sink on its own. I bet the producers called her and begged her to do this because they are scared the season will flop without her.

    1. RHOA was never going to sink though. Do you know how many people are ready to see Cynthia and Porsha’s fight, Kenya vs. Sheree and the return of Marlo? Now I shade Nene from time to time, and she is good TV but let’s be real here. The show will go on. I don’t mind her making some guest appearances though. This should be good.

    2. According to TMZ the producers called and begged her to please come back on her own terms if only for a few guest spots as not to interfere with her other gigs and paid her very well. They said the show was boring.

      1. Yes dear. Shook. So shook they had to run back to Nene and beg her to return. How embarrassing for all the others. Especially Kenya since y’all swear up and down she is the Queen. LOL.

        1. Yep! Producers realized the season was dry and boring as hell, so they paid her very nicely to come back. Guess who’s standing next to her in the pic in Jamaica? None other than Peachtree Peter!

  2. I don’t want her to do this. All it does it make people think she can’t find work outside of RHOA and we know that’s a lie.

    1. Yeah they are so interesting….and Kenya is suppose to be the Queen of the show or was that what her stans just threw out there??? anyway these bishes are wack!!!!! they need to humble themselves and face the fact that they are just extras wit a lil storyline….they aren’t the meat and potatoes…and never will be all the acting Kenya has ever done and she can’t even act interesting in a reality show LMAO

      1. Kenya is the reasons the ratings even skyrocketed though in her first season. The only reason they made Kandi the new lead is because of seniority. And as you can see, they are regretting that decision and had to call Nene back.

        1. How many years ago was that when she first came on RHOA???? LOL And so what if they made Kandi lead off of seniority….being that Kenya is so entertaining they shouldn’t even have to call Nene back on…Hello!!!!!!!!!!

        2. Twirl sit your a** down, if Kenya was the star then they wouldn’t care about Kandi’s seniority they would be rolling with Kenya and not calling NeNe to come and save the day. JS

        3. No, Kenya is not the reason the ratings went up. Don’t y’all get tired of repeating that lie. Everyone watched that year because of that scene with Kandi at the pajama party. Y’all know it too.

    2. Well this ain’t even on Kenya because Bravo said Kandi was the new lead. So don’t bring Kenya into this boo.

      1. Kenya is a part of this because you and her other fellow stans big her up….so they had to go get Nene back because who will Kenya feed off of to make herself interesting?? oh wait she got Sheree and Kim forgot about them lol

  3. They called/begged and offered money so she said “okay”….I can’t wait to see the irrelevant haters faces Kandi, Kenya, Ummm Cynthia, and whomever else…I wonder if they are gonna call Claudia and that other 1 to make guest appearances hahahahhahahahahaha sike!!!!

      1. Don’t say Kenya is the queen of RHOA when she’s not the one producers are calling to save the show. It’s that simple.

  4. Meh. Well at least Nene has proven she can get work outside of Bravo so why not get a little extra with light work?

  5. They called Nene back because the season has been dry so far. Besides the Porsha and Cynthia thing, nothing has really popped off from what I heard. Even Sheree has been playing nice and kissing Kenya’s a$$. She’s not being messy enough. This just proves RHOA cannot survive without Nene. And if people thought she was cocky before…Lol!!

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