Watch: Sheree Whitfield and Kenya Moore Go Head to Head

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We all knew it was coming.

Months ago after it was confirmed “Real Housewives of Atlanta” original Sheree Whitfield would be returning to the reality show in a guest role, many of us suspected the first person she would clash with would be Kenya Moore.

Kenya is known for speaking her mind when she gets good and ready, even though some of the other housewives feel what she’s really doing is just stirring the pot.

Click next to find out what went down when she officially filmed her first scene with Sheree.

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  1. Despite Sheree being delusional at least she is REAL!!!!!!! something Kenya tries, strive and acts to be……she over there talking about what neighbors are saying about Sheree house….wasn’t she and isn’t she still renting hers?? also…..She needs to focus on why she has no real relationship… crazy as people call Halle at least she got men and kept them till she didn’t want them no more…Kenya can’t even get a man….something EVERYONE is talking about!!! LMAO

    1. Kenya has enough money and success that she doesn’t need a man unlike most of her haters. When she meets someone up to her standards, she will settle down. I still believe she will end up with a rich white man.

    2. How is Sheree real when she lies all the time? You remember how she was trying to pretend she had so much money but her kids were sleeping on those air mattresses? And she can’t keep a man either if you want to be technical. Lmao!

      1. Can you really call her Poorsha when Kenya’s networth is actually lower than Porsha’s? I mean Porsha has more sources of income. LOL.

  2. Wasn’t Kenya evicted out of her last place and her old neighbors were running to news complaining about living around her? So much irony.

  3. Sigh…Kenya will never learn. But if someone said all of this to her (and it does apply to the last house she “lived” in), she’d be playing victim.

  4. Do the Kenya haters ever take a day off? Y’all call Kenya messy but forgot about all the messiness Sheree caused before she was fired? Okkk…

  5. Loved the last line Sheree hit her with, which was something like “only people building their own house would understand…a renter wouldn’t!” Bloop!!!!

    Poor Kenya, forever losing at life! Lol!

  6. Yeah I think Sheree, Marlo and Nene are going to be only good thing about season 8 and none of them have peaches. Smh!

  7. I’m wondering why twirl keeps defending everything mentioned against Kenya? Anytime a comment is made, she’s hitting the reply button. Like, dang chile,do you go this hard for people you know and love? Like geesh…it’s getting annoying, like ok, we get it, she’s your fave, but to reply back to everyone on this one thread is stalker like. We got it the first 3times. Relax chile…

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