Amid Hall Pass Controversy, K Michelle Shades Toya & Memphitz

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Toya and Memphitz have been making headlines for the last couple of days because of their recent appearance on Bravo’s “Untying the Knot,” and it’s all because Memphitz revealed Toya gives him a “hall pass” to sleep with any woman he pleases for eight days out the year.

While many felt the move was a bit unconventional and not the sign of a healthy marriage, Toya hopped on her social media accounts and called critics close minded.

Now K Michelle is adding her two cents.

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  1. Yeah! Memphitz came off as a shallow, egotistical prick on that show and Toya his dumb sidekick. K Michelle definitely dodged a big a-s bullet with that one!

    1. Well you can’t forget how much trash Memphitz and Toya were talking about her though. Would you be the bigger person? Most people wouldn’t.

  2. K ain’t dodging no damn bullet. She still keeps finding more healthy relationships for herself all the time. She was a side chick to Idris, and plaything for like 4 athletes already. Now she swears she’s in love again. She just won’t sit her big a-s down somewhere and learn how to enjoy being single.

  3. Sh-t all the shade Toya and Memphtz threw her, you damn right she’s going to throw it right back. F-ck that. I’d be petty as hell too you try to rub you marriage in my face and your sh-t was a fraud the whole time.

  4. I’m on board with the tweet. The instagram post, not so much. It appears to me that she’s trying extremely hard to convince everyone that she has grown and gotten stronger, but she’s actually still fragile with low self-esteem and it’s apparent in the majority of her subsequent relationships. People would be a lot better off refraining from trying to appear strong and self-aware in social media posts, and just live life and let it show in their actions. She needs more people….

  5. If she was so happy and in love, she wouldn’t even be shading them. Happy people ain’t out here being messy and taking joy in people’s downfalls.

    1. Very true! But K but will never keep it cute and especially considering how they tried to go in her

  6. Well I don’t mind her shadiness bc I used to love Toya but ….Her and Mickey shaded TF out of K and look where they are now.

  7. Yeah she dodged a bullet but she keeps getting hit wit pellet guns lol…anyway I’m all for that shade and even more ?. I use to like Toya as well but she was going to hard and she wasn’t there….she should’ve kept it cute and quiet….now she looks dumb as hell and CrazyHits keeps making her look even dumber. She doesn’t know how to pick good men either if you can go from Lil Wayne get older and settle for a Fck boy like Memphitz

  8. She needs to worry about her own terrible love life. Just a week ago she was talking about how good Idris’ d was but now she’s in love with a new man? Girl bye. Your life is just as dysfunctional and Toya and Mickey’s.

  9. K should have shaded them. Them along with their friends went in on her for months. But did anybody else notice how memphitz acts like a queen. I swear he had female tendencies on that show smh.

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