Gabourey Sidibe is Still Calling People Out

Gabourey recently sat down and chatted a little about the situation with BuzzFeed.

BuzzFeed writes:

When Gabourey Sidibe found out Becky, the cool and confident music industry upstart she plays on Empire, was getting a love interest in Season 2 of Fox’s cultural juggernaut, she said “it was like Christmas morning.”

But the morning after the episode that featured a 50-second love scene between Becky and rapper J-Poppa (Mo McRae) aired was anything but. Viewers were tweeting hateful messages at and about Sidibe, who was introduced to the world six years earlier as the title character in Precious.

“It was like they were more comfortable with the rape scene in Precious than the love scene in Empire,” she told BuzzFeed News over lunch at Stir Market in Los Angeles, mere days before her comments about the scene went viral. “People were like, ‘What?!? Fat people have sex? What? Does not compute.’ ‘Yes, idiot. You watch Maury. Get out of here.’ I think that people think someone like me sits at home in the shadows crying. And that’s not reality. It just isn’t. I like the unexpected character. I like playing a bada*s. I like getting stuff done.”

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  1. In what world does she think anyone was comfortable with any scene in Precious? That’s a movie I never have to watch again.

  2. I’m not one for tearing her down, but i think as a role model she should get down to a healthy/happy weight. I think the scene was meant for shock value- the writers knew what they were doing.

  3. I still haven’t met anybody who liked Precious. That movie was dark and I walked out the theater angry at myself for watching it.

  4. It’s really not that serious Gabby. You’re hired to be the comedic relief for 99.9% the parts you get booked for.

    1. I consider Portia comic relief on the show, Becky is becoming more rounded especially this season. I eould say the majority of Gabby’s roles are not comic relief. In the Big C she was a difficult student who lied about her background and in AHS: Coven she played a powerful witch. How is that comic relief? Does she has snarky lines? Yes, but I’ve nevever considered her the butt of jokes in her roles. She’s been a series regularly on three different shows.

  5. I feel her. All those stupid a-s memes because a fat girl had sex. Big whoop! It wouldn’t be a thing if folks didn’t make it one, and plenty of folks did. Do you Gabby, f-ck the rest!!!!

  6. I thought Precious was funny and sad…..but I never thought the part about her getting raped was cool…..or that part where she had to pleasure her mom (yuck)….so wth is she talking about??? And like some1 said pretty much all these parts she gets and continues to gets puts a big glowing ring around her weight… is what it is. She’s knows it and that’s y she hasn’t lost weight yet

  7. This is reaching. Had there been sensuality, intimacy, etc., perhaps it could have been received differently. It’s no secret that people of all sizes have s-x, but even SHE didn’t look comfortable in the scene. It was comedic and anything but s-xy. Yeah I laughed when she cocked that leg up, but above all else, she just didn’t look comfortable and the scene was poorly done.

  8. This does bother her, and for her to compare the two is apples and oranges. Overweight people do have s-x, but she is morbidly obese, and unless you have a fetish, majority of people don’t want to witness it. Some could do without seeing any s-x scenes between anybody. We are oversaturated with it. I’m glad she is ok in the skin she’s in, but the fact is, in 20 years, because she is SO heavy, she may not be here. Love yourself enough to be healthy; if you have true talent, your roles will adjust to your weight.

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