Kenya Moore Goes After Kim Fields + Takes More Shots at NeNe Leakes

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kenya Moore doesn’t waste any time when it comes to invoking feuds on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and it’s all because she prefers to always speak her mind, regardless of who it offends.

RHOA newbie Kim Fields isn’t even safe from Kenya’s shady ways.

She tells New York Live:

“Some people are made for reality TV, and some people aren’t. I mean, you have to kind of be interesting, right?”

Kenya also took more shots at NeNe Leakes too. Click next for the details.

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    1. Well she feels like she has to be because RHOA is the only check she has coming in. She doesn’t want to lose her spot like Claudia did. It’s pathetic but whatever.

    2. Miserable or honest? All she did was say what everyone else has been saying and thinking about Kim. As far as what she said about Nene, I do think Nene is important to the show but it won’t fail without her.

    1. Who is she talking down to? She was honest about Kim. Kim is not made for reality TV. She doesn’t have the personality for it and that’s ok. And yes, the show will go on without Nene.

  1. All this means is that Kim laughed at” Time Twirlls On”, and this b-tch is bitter! As for the Queen of RHOA, Kenya will always be the messy bridesmaid, never the bride. Lmao!

  2. LOL!!! Kenya is pressedt! You would think she’d be smart enough to dedicate more time and energy into a real career but nope, she prefers being messy for a little Bravo change. Meanwhile everyone else is out here working real jobs outside of Bravo so they don’t have a lot of time to be petty all day long. It has to suck to be the most mediocre person on the show.

  3. You can tell Kenya is a b-tter b-tch who enjoys stirring up sh-t with people who managed to do the one thing she never could do…have a real career.

      1. Lol @ Shayla, you are so on point with this comment. Kenya realizes that no one actually believe in anything she says, so she doesn’t care that she’s constantly caught in her lies and does not care if u believe her or not. She view women as less than intelligent, beneath her and in her mind, we can easily manipulated. Kenya is the worse and I can see right thru her.

          1. Hahahaa, intimated? This chick wouldn’t know how to tell the truth if a truth fairy came down herself and slapped her. Intimidated? You keep speaking of these things she’s only doing on the show for a story line. My co-worker tried supporting lil Ms. Liar by ordering her products, several weeks later, PayPal had to reimburse her because the products never came. You sound as delusional as Kenya. Every fabric of her being, is pretending. And, I guess she’s telling the truth about those ratings too huh? TVbythenumbers have no reason to lie and gain nothing from it, but, lil miss, we don’t need Nene, is once again proving why you can not take her serious. Kenya is the butt joke of reality tv. #Period

  4. Kenya is just tactless. She shows no respect to anyone who isn’t kissing her behind. Those who are confident within themselves (Nene, Porsha, Kim)are perceived to be a threat to her. Confidence exudes a person’s inner beauty and that’s what she is afraid of because she is ugly on the inside and it shows in her actions.

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