Chrisette Michele Talks Recent Engagement + Marrying Fiancee Despite Suing Each Other

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Chrisette Michele is happily engaged now, but her love affair with her fiance Doug “Biggs” Ellison hasn’t been smooth sailing.

In fact, Doug sued Chrisette for a whopping $20 million back in 2008 because he claimed she ruined his reputation with a former lawsuit she eventually dropped.

Essence wrote about the situation back in 2010:

Chrisette Michele is headed to court over a $20-million lawsuit filed in 2008 by former manager/producer Douglas “Biggs” Ellison of Four King Productions against Michele and her parents, and a Def Jam Records executive. In 2007, Chrisette filed a suit against Four Kings, alleging that Ellison’s company had embezzled money from her Def Jam contract. Although she later dropped the suit, Ellison claims she damaged his reputation. He’s also suggesting that the singer’s debut album featured several songs completed by Four Kings and that Chrisette’s mother tried abruptly ended her daughter’s contract with the company.” Chrisette’s camp is calling BS, suggesting that Ellison is just an ex-love who’s upset that he didn’t get a pay-off.


Although things got messy between the former lovers several years ago, Chrisette confirmed things came back together when she decided to put her pride to the side and call him.

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  1. Hmm this could go two ways. They can make it work and learn from the past or crash and burn after the honeymoon/I missed you phase. Best of luck to them though.

  2. This sounds like a tragedy in the making but I hope I’m wrong! Days after the reconciliation? I think they need to take some time to make sure this is sincere. Best of luck to them though!

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