Album Sales Projections Released for Chris Brown and Monica

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Chris Brown and Monica just released new studio albums and with the current state of R&B music being in shambles, many don’t expect either to have big first week sales.

Turns out one out of the two will see big numbers in the first week.

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  1. This is why he named that trash album after his daughter. It was a marketing trick he knew would help him sell.

    1. I think you should worry about why your fave still hasn’t released hers. It’s about to be 2016, and still no album from Rihanna. Shame.

      1. But when does release it, it’s going to sell much better than this. She will go platinum and that’s something Chris just can’t do anymore.

      2. Your shade is as stale as your fave’s new album. Don’t worry about Rihanna. She will slay when she gets good and ready.

      3. I don’t think Rihanna album will do huge numbers tbh. Of course she will sell more than Chris she is the bigger star. Only one putting up huge numbers are Adele and Taylor Swift. Doubt Rihanna’s album will even come close to doing those type of numbers. Anyway congrats to Chris, I didn’t think he will sell that much in the first week.

  2. I’m sure this is redeeming for Chris. He needed to know he could have these kinds of first weeks again. I heard Monica’s album was solid.

  3. I honestly didn’t think Chris Brown would sell this much because everything I heard from the album was wack. I’m not surprised Monica flopped I kept seeing Code Red everywhere but didn’t hear not one single no songs from her at all. I’m still going to check out Monica’s album because she usually has good songs on her albums.

  4. I haven’t heard Monica’s album yet but Chris’ leaves much to be desired. I don’t like the direction he’s going into musically.

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