Is Rihanna’s Rumored Boo Travis Scott Delaying Her Upcoming Studio Album?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Pop star Rihanna has her fans growing impatient about the release of her upcoming studio album, “Anti,” and it’s still unclear when the album will actually drop.

Rihanna’s own father claimed she wasn’t happy with most of the tracks she recorded a few months ago, and Rihanna even revealed that the album was getting hard to finish because Executive Producer Kanye West has been hard to get in the studio.

But now some folks are blaming her rumored boo Travis Scott for the hold up.

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  1. This sh-t better not be true. If Rihanna is d-ckmatized by this D list rapper I may have to slap her my damn self. Besides she’s old enough to know you don’t let any man f-ck up your money and career. Ain’t no d-ck that damn good.

  2. This actually makes a lot of sense. Travis was the one who help produced Yeezus and wrote Kanye’s lyrics on that album and it was trash. Rihanna better wake up ASAP and fire him. Just cause he’s bae doesn’t mean he needs to be working on that album.

  3. Come on Rihanna. Get back to what you do well. Make radio hits and release the album. Don’t let Travis talk you into trying to be someone you’re not just to please his own ego.

  4. You mean to tell me this beautiful and successful woman didn’t learn from the Chris Brown situation? You don’t bend over backwards for lesser thans. Yea, I said it. She has the better career, so why the hell does she need to listen to Travis? Do better Rih.

  5. This is ridiculous. I didn’t think Rihanna would have this many problems putting out this album. And she really shouldn’t. She has a loyal fan base and she’s been successful for a hot minute. There is no reason this should be happening.

  6. This is nothing but a big mess. But if one of the producers is tweeting this, that lets you know it’s even messier behind the scenes. Rihanna should kick Travis and Kanye off the project. It ain’t like Kanye has good taste anymore anyway. His last album was a letdown. He’s too busy trying to be a Kardashian anyway.

  7. I’m starting to get worried for Rihanna. She’s going to keep pushing the album back until no one cares anymore. She needs to drop the album and move on. It this era flops, she can always do better in the next one.

  8. Sounds like he told her she needs to be more than a singles artist and that was very bad advice. Rihanna’s hit singles help her sell her albums. Why would he look down on that? Kanye’s lack of good singles is why he struggled to sell Yeezus. His approach doesn’t work for an artist commercially.

  9. I just need bae to get it together and drop this album. I mean damn I’ve been ready! I need to see black girls running the charts again. I ain’t seen that since Beyonce’s last album and that was two years ago! We need some damn melanin on Billboard!

  10. If this ain’t sad as hell! Where’s that annoying Rihanna stan who on here? She had the audacity to shade Ciara multiple times but ain’t no man keeping Ciara from releasing albums. And isn’t Travis opening up for Rihanna’s tour too? She’s a fool.

  11. Her star is quickly fading. This whole era has been a mess. And the fact that she is even fu@king young ugly a$$ Tavis Scott is well……..

  12. Her star is fading. This whole era has been a sloppy hot mess. I think she is on drugs. That’s the only explanation I can think of for her messing with beat face Travis Scott. Let’s see if my comments get posted this time LOL.

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