Chris Brown’s Baby Mama Back At It

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Chris Brown loves being a father to his daughter Royalty, but his relationship with his baby mama hasn’t been easy.

Even though she lost in her request to get higher child support payments, she’s back at it and this time she’s claiming Chris is smoking way too much around their daughter.

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  1. Nia has no shame. But this is what Chris gets for cheating and sleeping with this random without protection. Now he has to deal with this for 18 years.

  2. I don’t understand why she thinks she’s going to con a judge into giving her $15,000. Things have changed. Women are not able to get rich off child support payments anymore.

  3. B-tch please. I don’t even like Chris but this broad is a piece of work. She better chill out because she ain’t the only one who can pull the questionable character card. Her damn boyfriend was out here committing fraud for coins and was wanted by the police. Yet she sat back and let him play Daddy to Royalty any damn way.

  4. Girl just give it up. You ain’t getting more than what you’ve been already getting. Everyone sees right through you. Chris may be a jacka-s but his lawyers are good at what they do. Stop while you’re ahead before he takes the baby from you and you lose child support.

  5. This ish is a BIPOLAR MESS .They both are bipolar period . She’s certainly lazy , greedy ,and ain’t worth two flies smashed .Sadly , a lot of what she’s saying is probably true..Chris shows ample signs of drug abuse , he’s always higher than a tower and keeps those sizzurp cups . Second hand smoke will definitely cause asthma , this is Chris’s never ending , much deserved Karma . Ri and Kae are certainly better off without this mental clown and his looney azz baby’s mammi . # THOTSAREGREEDY # LOSINGISNOTJUSTASTATEOFMIND #RESPECTTHAT

  6. I seriously have no sympathy for Chris,as why on earth did he raw dog a paid escort.That Nia chick is nothing more then an opportunist.Up on instagram bragging about all her freebies she attains purely because shes Chris’s baby mother.Some would call it karma,as you most certainly reep what you sow.Chris has got another 17 yrs of these.Hopefully he will learn from this to strap up when messing around with hoes.

  7. All I am going to say in support of Chrizzy is that he has been trying and doing a really good job of being present in his child’s life ever since he found out that he is a father. You can’t expect a person to just change over night, but at least he is trying. I think that he should go to mediation with her bc people will always bring up his past and that sometimes causes people to think they have the upper hand. It is obvious that all she see’s is dolla signs-In my Rihanna voice.

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