Foxy Brown Calls out New Generation of Female Rappers

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Many Hip Hop heads can recall the era of Foxy Brown and Lil Kim, and oftentimes both would upstage their male counterparts on track features.

Nowadays there aren’t many mainstream female rappers but that didn’t stop Foxy from throwing shade recently.

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  1. I hate when female rappers do this petty sh-t. Sh-t it’s only like two right now getting any shine and these two are probably beefing from some dumb Instagram sh-t. They need to squash it and hop on a f-cking track already. Both of them got bars.

  2. They have been going back and forth on Instagram since Remy was released from prison. Apparently Remy swears Foxy took shots at her in some music or something. It’s still petty because neither one of them will be direct and name names even though fans know the deal.

  3. Please all Foxy ever rapped about was what designer clothes and shoes she was wearing and Bishes hating her cuz of it LMAO….and since when Remy was ever tryna be Foxy or Lil Kim now that Onika chick YES!!!! ????

  4. When did Foxy and Kim get cool? Anyway, Foxy had a great run. But my money is on Remy if they had an actual bar by bar rap battle.

  5. Sorry but Remy > Foxy. Still love Foxy though. But I can’t deny how raw Remy is on the mic. If she hadn’t shot that woman who knows where she could have ended up.

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