Karen King Arrested

According to blogger Funky Dineva, Karen King was arrested last night at one of Lil Scrappy’s events in Atlanta.

Funky Dineva writes:

I broke the news to y’all last night, real time, as things were developing. This I didn’t report, but I’m telling it now. It is speculated that someone close to KK revealed her whereabouts. People on the scene and some close to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta informed me that the police walked directly to Karen and put her in cuffs as if they had been tipped off to her exact GPS coordinates.

After Alice (the police) picked KK’s a*s up, they drove her a*s downtown and booked her. Karen is being charged with Financial Identity Fraud, Theft By Taking, and Forgery In The 1st Degree.

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  1. So I guess this whole family won’t be able to come back next season because all of them will be in prison.

  2. She is such a thief… and I guess Dead men apparently do talk. He’s been giving all them interviews about what happened to him and of course you can’t tell one part without telling the other part. You know the Fed’s may have been watching her for the longest and building a case against her. I’m sure she did not go on the straight and narrow. She is still stealing people identities.

    1. Rumor has it they get paid pennies but these people were getting arrested before the show. I just think the King family likes breaking the law.

  3. Why would you do something like that. She is a mess well now she will not have to worry about being a grandmother cause she won’t get out until her son’s release. Sad.

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