Hypocrisy? Tammy Rivera Calls out Joseline Hernandez

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tammy Rivera and Joseline Hernandez clashed something serious in season three, and Joseline actually assaulted Tammy at the reunion

But Tammy has some opinions about Joseline’s beef with Tommie and she just thinks Joseline’s behavior is a tad bit hypocritical.

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    1. How? Tommie said out of her own mouth that she tried to hit Joseline with her car. I think Joseline has no problems fist fighting for the cameras but getting hit by a car is where she should draw the line don’t you think? LOL.

  1. Now I’m not defending Joseline, but Tommie admitted to trying to hit Joseline with her car. That goes beyond throwing hands for ratings. Tommie really has some serious issues and she’s going to end up really hurting someone.

  2. I wish Tammy would shut the f-ck up and stick to talking about why she took her hoe a-s “husband” back. Tommie’s a-s is a certified nut. That b-tch was trying to mow Joseline down with a car when the cameras weren’t even rolling. Her nutty a-s shouldn’t even be on the show. Mona is going to end up getting in some real sh-t by keeping her crazy a-s on the show. Watch and see.

    1. I think so too. Tommie randomly cries for no reason. She doesn’t need to be on a reality show. That girl needs help.

    2. Right. Tammy is so tragic and irrelevant. To be honest, I forgot her lame a-s was on the show. “Smack the sh-t” out of Joseline? B-tch couldn’t even touch her at the season 3 reunion when Joseline almost dragged her a-s. Girl take several seats and take care of your “husband.”

  3. I wish she had mowed Joseline’s a-s down with that car. How many people has that b-tch jumped? And now that she’s met the one person crazier than her a-s she wants to take out restraining orders? Fk her…punk a-s b-tch!

    1. Yep! The bigger fool always wins the fight. Joseline is just reaping the reward of being so damn combative all the time. One day you will run into a bigger fool.

  4. I don’t even like Joseline but Tommie was just doing too much. I never agreed with Joseline doing all that fighting but I’m damn sure not going to act like trying to hit someone with a car is any better. If Mona brings Tommie back, I’m done with this show. What she did was disgusting. She worse than Joseline could ever be.

  5. Disgusting comments on here. This is what happens when people get used to seeing violence on these trashy reality shows. Eventually they go from defending fights to defending someone trying to hit someone else with a car. Neither one of these women deserve support and I’m very disappointed with my UB fam.

  6. So Joseline is scary for not wanting to get hit by a car? Let me call her and tell her in oder for her to get some respect from the people on here she needs to stand in the middle of the street and let Tommie hit her with her car. But hopefully doing so won’t kill her first. Smmfh. Anyway, I don’t blame Joseline for involving the police. Joseline never had a problem fighting anyone there but is she willing to die for a check? Of course not. And she shouldn’t.

  7. Not the same. I’m sure Tammy would have called the police on Joseline if Joseline tried to hit her with a car. But she won’t admit that because too many grown people don’t know how to separate facts from personal feelings/beefs. But I don’t expect maturity from Tammy. She likes to pretend she’s classier than Joseline but they are on the same level to me.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I never understood why women on the same shows always pretend to be better and classier than their peers when they’re on the same exact show with the same exact drama only slightly different

  8. Tommie certified nut a-s needs help I don’t condone what she did at all.But this should be a lesson for Joseline it’s always going to be somebody bigger & badder than you and in this case crazier. Joseline isn’t stupid even before this incident she was hesitant to go toe to toe with Tommie. I don’t think she thought she would get beat up but she knew Tommie would give her all she could handle same thing with Dime she knew Dime would get some blows in on her a-s. Anybody who might give her a challenge she thinks twice about running up on them. But she stayed running up on weak people like Mimi, Tammy,and Karlie. So she needs to think twice about who she messes with everybody ain’t mentally stable and everybody ain’t down for just throwing hands this is a different world now people will do some real harm to you.

  9. It’s always disturbing to me when I remember that all these people are adults, and they are fighting with each other so VH1 will continue to exploit them. And I’m sure the rumors about them not even making that much are true as well. Just like people are saying Joseline met someone bigger and badder than her, Tommie will too the longer she stays on this show. I’m not a Mimi fan, but she’s smart if she really does walk away. At some point one must understand that the money isn’t worth all of this. Rant over.

  10. Joseline finally met her match with Tommy and I’m here for every minute of it. Just one season in, Tommy’s certified crazy a-s managed to do what none of those girls were able to do over the course of 5 seasons which is put some fear in her. I laughed so hard during the reunion when Tommy calmly answered “Mmm Hmm” when Nina asked her if it was true that she tried to run Joseline over.

  11. I see a lot of people are desensitized to violence so much now that someone potentially hitting someone with a car on purpose is funny and even satisfying now. I may need to lurk more and comment less on here for a while.

  12. I wanna see how big and bad some of you will be if someone tries to hit you with a car multiple times and threatens to shoot you in the face. It’s easy to talk all this sh-t behind your computers. Y’all calling Joseline scary but y’all ain’t trying to die over a reality show either now are you? Sit all the way down. Tommie’s a-s is crazy and she needs to be in a straight jacket somewhere. She gon f-ck around and kill somebody watch. And I bet her little stans on here will be quiet as crickets then. Foh!

  13. Some of yall sound crazy as hell. I don’t blame Joseline for the restraining order she is pregnant…and Tommie is retarded like she needs a check. How you tryna run someone over with a car…which is a deadly weapon just bcuz you don’t like them?? how you talkin about shooting someone in the face..just bcuz they made you look like a stupid hoe on tv….I think its really beyond. Tommie has kids and she doesn’t even care if she goes back to jail or not…that’s sad. As for Tammy she needs to stfu and mind her bizness..and tend to her not so perfect life.

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