Mendeecees’ Baby Mama Samantha Defends Herself

According to VH1, Samantha has been defending herself on social media since the season seven premiere of LHHNY.

VH1 writes:

On last night’s Love & Hip Hop premiere, Mendeecees’ ex, Samantha, who is the mother of Lil Mendeecees, confronted Yandy over the way Yandy gets possessive over her son. Now, props to Yandy for being an involved step-mother, but Samantha’s point is that she is the one with primary custody over the boy, and should always be in the know when it comes to his whereabouts. But when fans started coming for Sam on Instagram last night, and criticizing her for putting her son in the middle of their drama, she shut it all down in the comments.

In the post above, fans started dropping comments on both sides of the issue, and Sam stepped up to voice her opinion.


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    1. Girrrrrrlllll bye. I’m so tired of that ASSumption. Most women who get the ring swear that because they have a “ring” they are one up on the women who dont. Simply it’s about respect and Yandy knows no boundaries. She didn’t with Jim and Chrissy on the 2nd season, she didn’t with her mother in law, now her husbands BMs and she has to constantly be checked. I’m glad these women have stepped up and allowed their side to be heard and the lies Yandy been telling coming out. Yandy can’t simply respect this woman who is the mother of the child she claims to love then her arse needs to be checked. Yandy want these women to kiss her arse because she’s the wife and play Mommy to these boys and act like these boys don’t have mothers who popped them out because it destroys her image of family. Yandy and all her stans can have several!!!!

      1. Umm I’m not a Yandy stan. Samantha just always gave off salty vibes to me. I agree with everything else you typed.

        1. We can definitely agree to disagree. I can also respect your opinion. I think salty and frustrated with being portrayed unfit and like u don’t exist are being confused. That’s just my opinion.

  1. IDK the full story behind this…but according to Mendecees she was a unfit mother and he always had his son…..and I feel like if all that was true why he didn’t get full custody of his own kid then (him or his mother) w/e to that. Yandy was wrong point blank for taking Sam’s son up to the prison out of state without her permission. …if Sam doesn’t want him seeing his dad in prison so be it. If Mendecees wasn’t involved in criminal activities he wouldn’t be in prison now

  2. I’m really wondering how messy Mona will allow this to get since Yandy has always been her most protected favorite.

  3. If Samantha has primary custody, she should absolutely be made aware of little Mendecees whereabouts ESPECIALLY if he was going across state lines. I’m not sure why people don’t understand that. I wish my ex’s girlfriend would take my child to another state without asking me for permission.

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