Married to Medicine Reunion Recap: Andy Checks Quad + Lisa Finally Calls out Darren

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last night part two of the “Married to Medicine” reunion aired, and a lot of conflicts were hashed out.

Here’s the recap.

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    1. She only annoys me when it comes to Mariah. I say that because everything she accuses Mariah of doing she does herself. She’s just as manipulative as Mariah is. Lisa is Mariah’s puppet and Heavenly is Quad’s puppet. If Mariah is jealous of Quad because the group prefers Quad over her, then Quad was jealous when Mariah was the queen bee. Quad really gets life from everyone abandoning Mariah and it’s really weird to me how no one has called this out. Makes me think Quad always wanted it that way.

  1. I’m still holding out hope that Mariah and Quad will squash their beef but it may be time for me to accept that is not going to happen. Anyway, I’m glad Lisa finally called out Darren. It was long overdue.

  2. Yeah Quad really aggravated Andy. I don’t understand why she was on ten with Darren anyway. It was Heavenly and Toya who kept calling him gay all season.

      1. Yes, and Quad was the one responsible for the rumor as she was mad at Lisa and allowed dude to come to her event while she pretended she did not know the secret already.

  3. Mariah’s shade cuts deep. All Heavenly does is talk about your momma. It’s high school level shade you laugh at because it’s so baseless and immature. Mariah cuts to the core and it’s usually true. I think that’s the real issue everyone has with Mariah.

    1. I can agree with this. She got Jackie together real quick. Jackie throws shade but she does it softly and so if you heard it, you almost have to go back and forth in your mind of whether she did or not. Truth was told, Jackie does throw shade and she sides against Mariah because she is still upset with Mariah about the baby comment.

  4. I’m glad Lisa did get with Darren. I also think the men betrayed Darren as well. The wives were allowed to say untrue things and the men never went to Darren and apologized to him on their wives behavior. Heavenly and LaToya were bullying her and although I don’t care for Lisa, I understand why she would come out biting because they backed her in the corner.

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