LHHATL Recap: Kirk Possibly Has a Side Baby + Joseline Gets Even with Tommie & Stevie J

Joseline Hernandez is dealing with her pregnancy without Stevie J.

Joseline has a maternity shoot while Stevie J is served papers that order him to take a paternity test while working out in the gym. Joseline wants Stevie to pay child support and is glowing from her new “friendship” with Young Dro.

Karlie Redd and Yung Joc reunite.

Karlie Redd and Yung Joc are messing around again but she doesn’t want to get serious with him until he apologizes for all the nasty things he has said about her. But Joc secretly just wants to hook up with Karlie and nothing more.

“I’m not really trying to get serious with Karlie. I’m just trying to smash.” – Yung Joc

Mimi, Rasheeda, Tammy and Ariane catch up.

Mimi meets up with Rasheeda, Tammy, and Ariane at a club. Turns out the club is owned by Melissa, a lesbian who has connections to quite a bit of the cast, including Mimi.

“I’m still in the lady pond.” – Mimi

She introduces Melissa, and Melissa is a major promoter who appears to already be in the circle seeing as she’s friends with Karlie, Mimi, Joseline and Ariane.

Tammy reveals that she and Waka Flocka are separated.

Rasheeda reveals that her marriage to Kirk is back on rocky terms.

The topic then changes to Joseline being pregnant, and they all question who the father could be besides Stevie. They discuss how even Stevie isn’t sure he’s the father.

Speaking of Joseline, they confirm that she’s having a masquerade party but the only one going is Melissa.

Tommie is dealing with legal problems stemming from her fallout with Joseline.

Tommie is trying to get her life together but it’s difficult since she’s having legal problems thanks to her confrontation with Joseline.

She’s in a lot of trouble for trying to run Joseline over with her car and threatening to shoot her.

She wants Stevie to go to the police and explain what happened, but it’s very likely that she will get arrested. She doesn’t understand why Joseline won’t just handle things in the streets, as she suggests she could just wait until she has the baby to handle things.

Stevie tells her he may not really be able help her because he’s currently not talking to Joseline but he will go to police station with her anyway.

Karlie changes her mind and sneaks into Joseline’s masquerade party.

Karlie goes to the party with plans of creeping up on Joc who is currently talking to mystery woman.

She asks who the woman is and it turns out the woman is Jasmine. Jasmine happens to be Rod’s boo, and Rod happens to friends with Joc. Rod was locked up and he also happens to be Mimi’s ex. Jasmine has a three-month old baby so Karlie doesn’t understand how Rod can be the father. That’s when Jasmine reveals that the child’s father is Kirk.

“This girl is telling me she has a baby by Kirk Frost! Kirk who?!” – Karlie

Jasmine feels like things are getting too intense, so she walks off to get a drink.

Karlie grills Joc about the situation and he claims he didn’t know about Jasmine and Kirk. Joc doesn’t think he or Karlie should say anything, but Melissa and Karlie strongly disagree. Kirk then enters the party.

Joc asks Kirk if he knows anyone named Jasmine and Kirk says no. She then walks up to them and Karlie asks if he has a baby by her.

Jasmine then grills Kirk since he is acting like he doesn’t know her. He asks her why she would even mess with him if he’s married and she then asks him why he would mess with her if he’s married. Jasmine is annoyed because she claims he came to the hospital when the baby was born and has been giving her money. Kirk continues to deny knowing her and he leaves the party.

Melissa and Karlie go back to the bar Melissa owns and meet up with Mimi. They tell her about Rod and Jasmine, and how Jasmine is claiming the baby is Kirk’s. Mimi isn’t so sure Jasmine is telling the truth because she says her ex is a con artist so anyone connected to him could be shady. But when Karlie informs her that Kirk acted guilty, she starts to believe Jasmine’s story may have legs.

In the meantime, Kirk is rushing back home because he wants to tell Rasheeda about the accusations before Karlie does.

Kirk gets home and tells Rasheeda what happened but lies and says Jasmine was drunk and stumbling around the party. He says he may know Jasmine from a strip club he went to in the past but he’s unsure. He denies sleeping with her.

Rasheeda isn’t so confident Kirk is innocent but she goes along with it for now. She warns him that they are going to have a problem if it turns out that he’s not being honest.

Tommie is arrested.

Tommie and Stevie J head to the police department but they arrest her because she threatened to shoot Joseline in a video they obtained.

Stevie J and Joseline are about to face-off.

Stevie J and Joseline meet up to discuss their baby drama and the episode ends before any words are exchanged.


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. When Tommie said she has two daughters, I couldn’t help but laugh. I really did forget that she has kids.

    1. This. I just have a feeling the child will be someone else’s. They have lied for storylines a lot in the past.

  2. Tommie really has issues and should be somewhere getting help instead of on some reality show being exploited.

  3. This show is so insane. I keep telling myself I’m not going to watch it but I give in every single time.

  4. Meh, I liked this premiere. It seems like there is a lot of drama to come. I just hope they don’t go the NY route and just focus in so much on one situation ie. Yandy/Mendeecees/Sam/Erika. That makes the season drag.

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