BFV Recap: Evelyn Spills the Tea on Divorce from Michael + Towanda’s Divorce Gets Messier

Trina continues to explain why Jacent was arrested.

She didn’t understand why he was arrested and Jacent called her from jail and told her he has no idea why he was locked up.

As a result of him not being transparent, she told him to lose her number and she still doesn’t know the full story. But she knew it was best to cut him off because her and her kids could have gotten in some serious trouble as a result of his actions.

“From what I understand, they even went to my bar. Apparently they were looking for him. He said he was working at my bar.” – Trina

Tamar, Toni, Towanda and Traci tell her they feel like he took advantage of her but not to feel bad because it happens to women all the time.

Trina gets a little emotional but she realizes she made a smart move by cutting off Jacent.

They later go painting with Evelyn and Tamar pushes Trina into updating their mother on Jacent’s arrest.

“The feds didn’t come to get Jacent it was the local authorities.” – Trina to Tamar

Despite being informed of Jacent’s drama, Evelyn calmly listens and explains she doesn’t see a reason for Trina to feel guilty about anything since what she had with Jacent wasn’t even serious and she was just having fun with him.

Andre and Towanda visit their attorneys.

Towanda’s attorney informs her that Andre is planning to move forward with filing for full custody and Andre’s lawyer informs him that court may likely side with him since there is proof that he is the one who has been primarily taking care of their kids.

Andre’s lawyer also tells him he should take Towanda’s offer to go to therapy together because it’s a good look to the court.

Tamar plays her new single for Evelyn and her sisters.

Tamar wrote her new single, “My Man,” in her mother’s point of view regarding her nasty split from Michael.

In the lyrics, Tamar sings about being very loyal to a man only for another woman to take him away.

“She didn’t take my man. That’s where he wants to be.” – Evelyn to Tamar

She also reveals that she and Michael went to therapy together and there he admitted that he was in love with Miss Wanda. She also says that he cheated with multiple women.

“I just want to move on with my life and they move on theirs. I don’t want them in my space.” – Evelyn

Evelyn doesn’t understand why Michael and Miss Wanda would even want to go on a trip with her. She finds that messy and sees it as proof that they are both miserable.

Trina explains her issue with Miss Wanda.

She’s still hurt that her father didn’t come to her wedding with Gabe all because she refused to let him bring Wanda.

Trina plans to confront Wanda about it at some point because she feels Wanda probably talked Michael out of going since she didn’t get an invite.

Andre and Towanda’s therapy session is emotional.

When the therapist tells Andre he’s there so he can get along better with Towanda, he claims he doesn’t want anything but the children.

“I don’t even care about that. I just want my kids.” – Andre

Full of anger, Andre also calls Towanda out for sleeping with other men.

He eventually breaks down in tears and says he regrets having to quit his job to become a full-time father. Towanda apologizes to him and gets emotional as she pleads for him not to file for full custody.

Despite all the tears, Andre makes it clear that he still plans to get full custody of the kids. Towanda now has no choice but to let her lawyer fight for her.


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  1. Evelyn spilled all the tea. Well it’s understandable why she feels the way she does. But some kind of way I think Wanda is going to end up going on the trip anyway.

  2. I’m sorry but I’m just going to be the oddball in the bunch and say this: Evelyn is very bitter. In life, people are going to do you wrong. It’s unavoidable. Now we won’t all have the same situations, and not all women will have to deal with infidelity in their marriage. But that’s the cards Evelyn was dealt, and it’s time for her to move on. If she moved on, she wouldn’t still be talking about it today like it just happened last week. And if she moved on, she’d have a boo in her life that she could bring on the trip so she wouldn’t have to be so bothered about Michael bringing Wanda. She’s projecting when she said Michael and Wanda must be miserable. No, Evelyn is miserable and she hopes they are too. People have to take responsibility for their bitterness. You can’t prevent people from hurting you but you are ultimately the one who chooses to be bitter or actually choose happiness and move on. Evelyn chooses to be bitter and refuses to move on.

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