LHHATL Recap: Rasheeda Has Had Enough + Karlie Couples up with Ceaser

Joseline and Karlie have a breakthrough.

“F*ck her feelings. B*tch.” – Joseline

After Karlie gets really upset and walks out of the meeting with Joseline, Dime and Melissa, Dime is able to clam her down and convince her to return and finish talking things out.

Joseline admits she has been really wrong in the past and mistreated Karlie, but it’s all because she really hated that Karlie would always come and tell her what she heard about Stevie – something she doesn’t want to happen anymore.

She apologizes to Karlie for hitting her with flowers and admits there was nothing in the envelope last season and she never really intended to blackmail Karlie.

They laugh and hug it out and decide to work on their friendship by respecting each other’s boundaries.

Melissa gets emotional and is happy Karlie and Joseline were able to make peace.

Stevie tries to convince Kirk to take a DNA test.

Kirk is getting tired of folks trying to push him to taking the test but Stevie is trying his hardest to talk him into it. Kirk still isn’t hearing though.

“At the end of the day if it is, that’s a hard pill to swallow, boy.” – Kirk to Stevie

Mimi, Rasheeda, and Tammy meet with Stevie’s new artist and Joseline’s replacement.

Mimi is thrilled about Stevie’s new artist, Estelita Quintero, because she feels Joseline is getting her karma. She even offers to give Estelita her phone number, so she can call her if she has any issues with Joseline.

Tammy is planning a trip to Jamaica for all the girls, and she wants to invite Melissa.

Mimi isn’t thrilled by the news, and tells Tammy that she cooled off on Melissa because she learned Melissa is close to Joseline.

Although she’s done with Melissa, she plans to go on the trip.

Meet Dime’s boyfriend, Shawne.

Shawne is a basketball player who plays overseas, and he and Dime have known each other for years. They have been dating for two months, but they spend a lot of time together.

Dime is so smitten that she doesn’t really want to go on the Jamaica trip.

Shawne lets Dime know that he’s not happy that Dime and Tammy got into it because he’s cool with Waka.

He convinces her to reach out to Tammy and try to squash everything.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen when I come face to face with Tammy, but right now I’m going to be the bigger person. If I can make up with Joseline, then I can make up with Tammy.” – Dime to Shawne

Mimi and Stevie tell Eva that she has a little sister and Mimi talks to Stevie about Estelita Quintero.

Stevie wants to keep things from getting messy, so for now, he’s keeping Joseline and Estelita from each other.

After Stevie tells Eva about her new little sister, she assures him she’s going to be a great big sister but insists that she still remains his baby. Stevie agrees and she does her best version of his infamous “rat face.”

Karlie comes clean about her reconciliation with Joseline.

Stevie’s new artist Estelita comes to try on some of Tammy’s swimsuits from her line, and Karlie tells Tammy and Rasheeda that she’s back on good terms with Joseline.

She then invites everyone to the opening of her boutique, but after Estelita tells Rasheeda about Joseline spilling her and Kirk’s tea on “The Real,” Rasheeda decides she won’t be attending since Joseline will be there.

Melissa decides to be messy and invite Estelita to Karlie’s boutique opening, but Karlie decides to keep her mouth shut and not tell Joseline since Joseline told her that in order for them to stay cool, she can no longer report gossip to her and must refrain from being nosey.

Tommie tries to make it right with Joc.

Tommie admits to Joc that she was wrong to kick it with him to get even with Karlie, and they decide to try to remain cool despite all the drama.

When Joc tells Tommie that he is still trying to have a positive relationship with Karlie and he’ll be attending her boutique opening, Tommie questions his decision.

“I know it’s quick and it’s easy but why are you doubling back?” – Tommie

Estelita updates Stevie.

Estelita tells Stevie that she met Karlie and she doesn’t like her because she seemed shady and kept saying “interesting” a lot.

“You gotta be careful who you’re friends with out here in Atlanta.” – Stevie to Estelita

Stevie is regretting taking Estelita out in public because he thinks she’s going to end up in some drama soon. But Estelita promises him she’s about her paper and refuses to get caught up, which Stevie can respect.

Rasheeda is done playing around with Kirk.

After Joseline causes ruckus on “The Real,” Rasheeda demands Kirk takes a paternity test. However, Kirk feels like Jasmine is just trying to scam him and the baby isn’t his.

“No. She has a lot of sh*t going on. From what I hear in the streets, this is what she does for a living.” – Kirk to Rasheeda

Rasheeda is over Kirk’s games, and tells him she won’t meet with him again until he takes the test.

Joseline turns down Stevie.

The new baby has Stevie wanting things to go back to how they were.

He asks Joseline to work with him again and move in. She turns down his offers, but she wants to keep business and personal separate since it never worked out for them in the past.

Joseline is still planning to move to Miami but Stevie tells her Bonnie Bella isn’t moving anywhere. So Joseline threatens to take him back to court.

Stevie isn’t worried about Joseline’s threats and lets her know he will fight her on the move to Miami since it’s been determined that Bonnie is his daughter.

“Where I’m at, that’s where she’s at.” – Stevie to Joseline

Karlie pulls a fast one on Joc.

Estelita arrives to Karlie’s boutique opening, and throws some shade by comparing it to a flea market in LA.

Dime arrives and brings her boo Shawne and introduces him to everyone. It’s the first time they have been in public together but Dime feels the time is right since things are getting serious.

Karlie strolls in with Ceaser from Black Ink Crew and introduces him as her man.


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