Do You Agree? Karrueche Tran’s Manager Adds His Two Cents

Photo Credit: Instagram

As Karrueche Tran received praise last night for her role on TNT’s new show “Claws,” her manager used the moment to make it clear that it’s about time for folks to stop associating his client with Chris Brown.

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  1. This girl is so so overhyped. Y’all are acting like she booked a role for a blockbuster movie. This show is subpar at best and may not even make it to a second season. Plus she played herself. Don’t forget she was doing thr–somes with Chris just to keep him. Lmao.

    1. You sound like a HATER!! she’s successfully moved past all that, stop throwing it up in here face… I bet you wouldn’t like it if smeone kept bring up your HOE a-s past!! #LetKaeLive

  2. Agreed. She has definitely done well for herself. Proud of her accomplishments. Ppl wanted to put her in a box but, she’s proven she has ambition, drive and has gone after her dreams. That will always get a round of applause from me. ?????????? Go Karrueche

  3. It’s already been booked for a second season so that’s great, however, I would not even know her name if it wasn’t for Chris Brown. Just saying…

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