Pregnant Keke Wyatt Says Her Husband Michael Wants a Divorce

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

Keke Wyatt is having an emotional year.

She is currently dealing with one of her children going through cancer treatment. Through a sign of solidarity, Keke announced on her Instagram page that she would shave her head.

Now she has to deal with her long-time husband allegedly expressing his desire to file for divorce. And she happens to be eight months pregnant.

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  1. This moment is too unstable to be having all of these children!!! He better hope he don’t become a victim like her last boyfriend. Smdh

  2. This is terrible. Wow, another baby. I know it’s her life but why do she keep having all these children?

  3. I don’t think Instagram was the place for her to vent. She needs to get a lawyer and talk to Michael after she has cooled off.

  4. Honestly their marriage has always been a mess to me. I wish them the best though because they have a lot of stuff going on right now like a baby on the way and a sick child. This ain’t the time to be fighting and sleeping around.

  5. As shown on the two reality shows she has been on, she has quite a vivid imagination and somehow is always the victim. It’s two sides to every story and if he really does want a divorce who knows what may really be the reason

  6. Both need to find the best form of birth control. He as well as she can fix it. Maybe That will begin the healing process in their marriage.

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