LHHH Recap: Alexis & Masika Come Face to Face & Clash + Teairra Goes to Rehab


LHHH Recap: Alexis & Masika Come Face to Face & Clash + Teairra Goes to Rehab

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Teairra’s intervention is a success after some snags.

The episode begins with the interventionist guiding AD, Nikki, Fizz, Moniece, and Nia on how to do the intervention for Teairra.

Teairra is then let in by AD and gets confronted by the interventionist. She gets angry and walks out of the house.

Moniece follows her to the car and tries to talk her out of leaving.

Teairra questions why Moniece scheduled an intervention for her with people she’s isn’t even close to. She demands that Fizz and Nia be removed from the intervention because they don’t call her.

She also accuses Moniece and Co-Executive Producer Treiva Williams of trying to ruin her image by setting up the intervention. She breaks down crying and they console her.

Fizz and Nia agree to leave without adding to the drama.

Teairra returns to hear everyone out but gets annoyed when Moniece starts crying. Moniece tells Teairra that she loves her and Teairra isn’t buying it.

“Girl, please.” – Teairra

The interventionist steps in and tells Teairra that the people in the room are very concerned about her.

Teairra admits that she does drink more when she’s depressed and she’s been drinking everyday for the last three or four years.

The interventionist recommends her going to a treatment program in San Francisco the next day for 90 days but Teairra says she’s not going.

After more discussion, Teairra reluctantly agrees to do the program for 30 days because it may be time for her to look in the mirror and admit she has an issue.

She starts crying when she admits she wishes her mother would be there for her but she won’t even talk to her.

In a green screen interview, Teairra admits that she hit a low after pushing everyone away.

“I need to get my sh*t together and accepting this 30 days is a big start.” – Teairra

Bridget and Brooke catch up.

Bridget admits her boyfriend James has forgiven her after she cheated on him a couple of times.

Brooke comes clean and admits she’s been using Booby to get under Marcus’ skin. She then invites Bridget to Booby’s music showcase.

Bridget says that her working relationship with Ray J isn’t sitting well with James because he still doesn’t trust her after she cheated on him.

A1 and Lyrica’s mothers are getting along.

They have a picnic in the park and Zell and Alexis join them.

They rehash the drama that went down at Lyrica’s listening party.

Zell says he feels like the real issue is Masika and Alexis have unfinished business and everyone else is getting dragged into it.

To get even, Zell says that he wants to have an event next door to Misster Ray’s upcoming event to be messy.

Teairra packs up for her rehab stint.

Moniece sees her off.

Bridget plays her new single, “F*ck So Good” with Ray J for James.

James thinks the song is a bad look for her career because it’s very crude considering the music she used to sing.

James also admits the lyrics bother him since she’s cheated on him in the past.

In a green screen interview, Bridget says she’s annoyed that James hasn’t moved on from her cheating years ago.

Zell and Misster Ray clash again.

Moniece attends Ray’s event for his PR firm and they both admit that it’s getting frustrating that Masika hasn’t been coming around much as a result of her beef with Alexis.

They hear loud music coming from next door and decide to investigate.

They discover it’s Zell’s party and Lyrica is performing on stage.

Zell hops on the mic and says it’s a “Team Alexis Skyy” party.

He greets Moniece and calls Misster Ray “Marshmallow Man” which results in Ray trying to throw his shoe at Zell. Security intervenes.

Hazel gets mad and says the real issue is between Alexis and Masika. Then everyone there, except Misster Ray and Zell, start hashing out their issues.

Moniece apologizes to Lyrica for coming at her disrespectfully and they hug it out.

Alexis apologizes to Moniece for calling her a b*tch. They shake hands.

And Misster Ray apologizes to Alexis for leaving nasty comments on her Instagram page.

They all agree it’s time for Masika to face Alexis.

A1 updates Marcus on Brooke and Booby.

A1 tells Marcus that Brooke came to Lyrica’s listening party with Booby and Brooke never denied that they are dating.

Marcus says he’s gong to pull up on Booby and ask him what’s going on because he doesn’t believe Brooke is being honest with him about her relationship with Booby.

James gets fed up.

Ray and Bridget shoot the video for their single, “F*ck So Good.”

James walks in and sees Bridget in the bed with her legs spread open as she throws money stacks up in the air in a squirting fashion. He’s not feeling the direction of the video and expresses such to Ray J.

Ray says he has to leave early to pick up his niece, so James and Bridget start arguing about the video. He convinces her to let him come up with something different. She agrees.

Marcus confronts Booby.

Brooke and Booby are in the studio as Booby prepares for his upcoming showcase.

Marcus decides to roll up on them and get some answers.

He tells them that A1 told him that Booby and Brooke are coupled up.

Brooke gets mad and tells him she’s not sleeping with Booby. Security steps in to keep things for getting out of hand.

Marcus walks out.

Booby tells Brooke that Marcus doesn’t act like he appreciates her and she tells him she loves him. They then share a kiss.

Masika and Alexis finally come face to face.

Masika performs her new song.

Not too long after, Alexis walks in.

Misster Ray tells Masika she needs to turn around and talk things out with Alexis because things have gotten out of hand.

Masika says she’s not going to film with Alexis and lounges at her before she walks out. Security quickly intervenes and Masika goes off on the producers again, accusing them of forcing her to film with Alexis.

At this point, Hazel and Zell get annoyed and call Masika out for handling the situation immaturely.

“Masika, come on, you’re too grown for this.” – Hazel

“Y’all just need to talk until it’s over and done with.” – Zell

“People don’t respect my wishes and then they wonder why I do the sh*t I do. I’m sick of making hoes famous.” – Masika

Zell then decides this would be a good time to try to attack Misster Ray again. He tries to run up, but gets tackled down by security, causing Moniece to trip up as she gets out of the way.

“Ow! Ow!” – Moniece

“Zell! What the f*ck?!” – Lyrica

Zell then hops on the table and tells the crowd that Masika “f*cks for a feature.”

In a green screen interview, Hazel says Masika is an internet gangsta who doesn’t back up her threats in person.

Moniece heads out of the building and tells Masika she needs to leave.

Alexis decides to go out to the back of the building and try again to have a conversation with Masika. When she gets outside, Masika still refuses to talk. She leaves and Alexis says she gives up.


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  1. Anonymous

    September 12, 2017 at 12:36 pm

    How can Masika make anyone famous when she’s not even famous herself?

    • Erica

      September 12, 2017 at 4:35 pm

      Yeah I was lost on that one too. Masika thinks really highly of herself. I mean there’s nothing wrong with that but she’s very delusional.

  2. Viv

    September 12, 2017 at 12:45 pm

    You have to wonder what Masika is going to do at the reunion. if she’s not trying to be in the same building as Alexis, she may as well not even show up. She’s been very annoying this season.

  3. One Hunnid

    September 13, 2017 at 10:53 pm

    I don’t usually agree with Hazel but how Masika got so much mouth on social media when it comes to Alexis but when she in the same room as her she has nothing to say ?!

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