VH1 Shades Nicki Minaj While Promoting LHHNY

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Love and  Hip Hop New York” star and rapper Remy Ma made headlines when she slammed Nicki Minaj and her diss track “SHEther,” and even won Best Female Rapper at the BET Awards as a result.

Now VH1 is throwing a little shade amid promoting for the new season of LHHNY.

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  1. If anyone dethroned Nicki, it would be Cardi. And even then, we still don’t know if Cardi will be able to sell albums yet. Sit down, Remy.

  2. They’re actually doing the most with the queen stuff period in this promotional campaign. They are calling all the women on the show queens, and it’s laughable to see them walk around in crowns on the commercial when we don’t even know who most of them are outside of Yandy, Remy and Lil Mo.

  3. Delusional. Remy is cool but making one diss song and winning one BET Award doesn’t make you the new queen. She still doesn’t have commercial success.

  4. I knew they were going to do the absolute most about her winning that award. So let me guess, her whole storyline is about Shether and arguing with Pap about being too popping (lol) to have a baby. Boring!

  5. Well she just got a record deal with Columbia. Hopefully it’s not a 360 or that would make her a huge hypocrite. Now that everyone wants to hate Nicki and a major label is backing her again, there’s no reason she should keep flopping, right?

    1. She signed with Columbia and has Tamar’s hubby managing her now. Her first single will be a joint Nicki diss with Lil Kim. Remy is still not smart and she won’t be successful because everything she does is about Nicki now. Meanwhile, Cardi is out here killing it. That song with Cardi, Nicki and Migos is already a hit on the radio.

      1. And what is Vince supposed to do for Remy? He couldn’t even keep Tamar from flopping and Tamar has more fans than Remy. I guess Vince and Remy were both desperate if this is true.

      2. Chile Kim and Remy scream for female rapper unity, but only “unite” to diss Nicki when they didn’t even like each other until Shether. I cannot. #PatheticBitterBetties

  6. She ain’t queen of sh-t. But if she got off Nicki’s t-ts and actually focused on making some good a-s music, then she could have a decent career. The problem is she’s basically so obsessed with taking down Nicki that she didn’t even see Cardi coming. Nicki was never her problem. She has a branding issue that started way before anyone even knew who the f-ck a Nicki Minaj was.

  7. It was a BET award not a Grammy time to calm it down and if she was smart she’d be on that track with Cardi not Nicki. Also until she has two little white girls singing her songs on Ellen in pink tutu’s she’s not the queen of anything

  8. Damn this is pathetic to me. It’s like all Remy can do now is be associated with dissing Nicki. You can’t sustain a successful career dissing someone else all the damn time. She needs to let it go and actually build a real fan base. Nicki haters still won’t buy Remy’s music. They never do.

  9. Remy needs to ask herself why she’s still doing LHHNY when she won that BET Award…Cardi did two seasons and bounced, got a record deal and a number one hit. Remy needs to hustle harder. If she’s depending on Vince to make things happen, she’s going to be disappointed. Truth be told, Tamar doesn’t get enough credit for how determined she is. People swore it was Vince.

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