Cardi B Clashes with Nicki Minaj’s Fans, Again

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Cardi B’s music career really took off after she left “Love and Hip Hop New York,” but it hasn’t been an all positive experience.

In fact, she gets a lot of negative attention from some fans of Nicki Minaj.

And she’s sick of it too.

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  1. She’s gotta stop replying to people, she’s showing them that she’s bothered no matter how much she says she isn’t.

  2. Cardi is very insecure. She still searches for her name on Twitter and claps back at negative tweets. I just don’t think it’s a good look for her.

  3. Cardi needs to get it together. A lot of Nicki’s stans are young and shouldn’t be bothering her so much. If I was her, I wouldn’t even be on Twitter like that unless I had something to promote. Other than that, social media has nothing to offer celebrities. It’s too easy for them to ruin their careers on these platforms.

  4. The thing about this music sh-t is there will always be a group of stans who are praying for your downfall so their fave can be the last one standing. Every major artist deals with this. Even the male rappers. Some of the nastiest stan wars I have ever seen came from the Drake stans vs K Dot stans and Cole stans. It is what it is. Cardi has to stop taking it to heart. If she plays her cards right, she will have her own stans too, I mean I think she may already be there. People love this chick and honestly want her to succeed. So f-ck that Twitter sh-t.

  5. Cardi is always worried about the wrong sh-t. The only thing she needs to be thinking about is putting that album out. It’s hard out here for female rappers. She needs to take advantage while she’s hot.

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