‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Jadah Claps Back at Sky + Sky Goes off on Genesis

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Black Ink Crew,” Sky once again meets with Genesis to talk out their issues.

Things go left after Sky reaches her breaking point and matches Genesis’ anger.

However, Genesis isn’t the only one Sky has issues with.

After Sky makes some serious accusations about Jadah, Jadah goes all the way off on Sky.

Kitty ends her secret romance with Cease but he at least forms a real friendship with his baby mama Crystal.

And Donna confronts Alex after he causes tension in her relationship.

Here’s a recap of “C And C Forever.”

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  1. Sky really needs to get over herself. Each time she talked to Genesis, all she did was make excuses and talk about herself. He would have been much more acceptive if she would have just apologized. Start off the conversation with an apology and focus on his feelings instead of her own. That’s being motherly. Putting your child before yourself.

  2. Sky is a mess. She really doesn’t think Genesis has a right to be angry and that’s the root of the issue.

  3. Sky needs too grow up Jadah don’t owe sky nothing… teddy know he smashed jadah. If he didn’t he wouldn’t been like she don’t the std if she gonna bring a std truck there

  4. LOVE that Jadah is not afraid of Sky like the others. They give Sly so many passes but she was a bully way before the Genesis situation. So they need to stop with the excuses.

  5. Baby Jadah dragged Sky and I loved every second of it! She’s right. Teddy does not want Sky so she needs to mind her business and let him do what he wants to because he can. And Genesis only wants her to tell the truth. But she just won’t do that.

  6. Sky went all the way in on her own son just because he saw right through her BS. Absolutely pathetic. Don’t say you want to be a mother but you’re refusing to act like one.

  7. Sky just can’t get over herself. And that will continue to keep her from having a relationship with both of her sons.

  8. First off pregnant women get std testing so thats not an excuse that entire cast probably got something. Secondly why does Sky big bad bully with Jadah but wanna play victim with her son, can’t be both

  9. Some of y’all just love to hate Sky. She’s a human being and could no longer take her oldest son being so hateful towards her. She put them up for adoption so they could have a better life. How is that wrong? She never stopped loving them. Since season one she’s been taking about them but she was afraid to reach out because of this right here. Genesis needs to learn how to hear her out.

    1. So you justifying her cursing him out? So the 19 year old needs to learn how to hear her out. How about 30+ year old woman try to empathize with her sons pain. Sky is not afforded the luxury to get upset at Genesis because he doesn’t want to get to know her. Those are the consequences of her actions instead of lashing out like someone who has the maturity of a 17 year old how about she take some responsibility for why he is hurt I’ve yet to hear her apologize to him whether she thought she was doing the right thing or not giving them up.

  10. Caese need to stay out of the drama. He is ill equipped to assist with Sky and her son. They need real help.
    The shop enables Sky to behave like trash.Showing her breast as a lie detector? Her kids may have been better off with someone else

  11. Sky is a piece of scum the fact that she can’t show any empathy towards her son feelings is disgusting. Then she wants to play the victim and act like he did her so wrong. On top of that you going to curse him out unbelievable how can anybody still ride for Sky.

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