Apryl Jones Accuses Omarion of Being an Instagram Dad?

Omarion and Apryl Jones broke up almost two years ago. Afterwards, sources claimed Apryl wasn’t happy with Omarion not being around for her and their children, in lieu of his career.

Despite this, it seemed everything was okay between the two co-parenting their children. However, Apryl’s frustrations with Omarion are apparently still present.

In fact, people feel that Apryl recently called out Omarion publicly for his alleged parental behavior.

In a series of tweets posted over the weekend, Apryl drops major hints that someone isn’t doing what she feels needs to be done. She said in one tweet, “You can’t make someone responsible. Either they wanna parent or they don’t.”

Later, Apryl said, “People will sho nuff do it for the gram knowing d*** well they ain’t even close to what they are fraudulently are representing. #cutitout”

She never dropped his name in any of the tweets, but people feel she’s talking about Omarion.

Check out the tweets below.Recently, Omarion posted photos of his son Mega to Instagram.

Megaa. The karate kid. ?✨.

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The legacy continues…..?.

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