Lil’ Mo Defends Fabolous Amidst Assault Charge + Questions Emily B’s Motives

Photo Credit: Revolt

By: A.J. Niles

Lil Mo and Fabolous have been long time friends. So when Lil Mo learned of the new charges Fabolous faces, she remained defensive of Fab, despite the allegations.

Lil Mo also questioned the validity of Emily B’s allegations in a recent interview. Apparently, Lil Mo feels there is more to the story.

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  1. This woman is ignorant. So I expected nothing less than an ignorant comment from her about this.

  2. The way people coddle black men in our communities is pathetic. It’s like some black women are in the sunken place.

  3. Just because you know someone doesn’t mean you know what they are like 24/7 behind closed doors. I’m annoyed that it’s actual adults out here who don’t understand that.

      1. You are being kind saying she looks dumb, I think she looks STUPID & NEEDS TO SHUT UP! At this point, NO COMMENT, is suffice. She needs to shut up and go back to her pitiful, broke life………

  4. Mo ain’t s–t. How are you a woman and taking the side of the abuser? Some of us are really f–ked up for real. Nobody cares that y’all made a song together 4 decades ago. That doesn’t mean you know how he acts at home. We all saw his crazy a-s flashing a knife at her on video. How the f–k are people still doubting Emily’s story?

  5. I swear it’s like only white women get universal support. Look at the Me Too Movement. Now think about how Rihanna and now Emily B are being treated. Look at how they did Keke. It’s sad. We have to do better.

  6. She probably still supports R Kelly as well. Just like Lil Kim does. Some black women just don’t like other black women. They are harder on their own sisters than black men.

  7. All these people are really putting on a cape for Fab. I am not surprised. A shocker would be everyone actually calling him out for his actions.

  8. I completely agree with everyone on here I really do but she does have a point, I wondered myself why the brother and father just stood there and let whatever happened go down and not only that if my man was beating my a*s I’m getting out that house with my kids in toe and you won’t see me again until the trial. I’m not going to make it easy for you to be the Jerk you are. Instead people all taping what’s going down instead of packing your sh*t. Now I read somewhere that her dad stole money from Fab and he wasn’t suppose to be in the house and that’s what he was so enraged about. Nobody really knows what went down but the truth will come out soon. and if he really did beat her down his a*s needs to be locked up! although I’m sure Emily would probably visit him everyday and somehow get pregnant again. smdh

  9. That video TMZ released is not the video from the assault that left her with two missing teeth. That video happened days after he already knocked her teeth out. So people like Mo are getting their info messed up. Emily’s dad and brother were not at Fab’s house the day he beat her up. That’s why her dad called him a coward in that TMZ video that happened days after. People need to sit down and read everything before they try to blame this on Emily. And I’m not surprised that there are black blogs defaming Emily and saying she deserved the beating she got. This is how we do all the time. It’s always the woman’s fault.

  10. I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees the major difference in the way female victims are treated based on race. I just wish more black women would wake up. Some of us will defend monsters before we stand up for each other.

  11. Mo should have kept this to herself. Loyalty to someone doesn’t mean you can’t ever hold them responsible for their actions or disagree with their actions.

  12. Her own huzzband got exposed for trying to sleep with another man and she stayed. Sis has issues.

  13. This is why I’m not motivated to spend my hard earned coins on most of these so called artists. I don’t feel like supporting ignorance.

  14. Its her word against his at this point, just because she said it happend doesn’t mean it happend. The race card really doesn’t need to be pulled. Women lie just like men and if the video was made days after he allegedly punched out her teeth im with Mo why the hell she still there

  15. When you know better you do better. This is why believe everyone should get therapy at some point in their lives. Some people just can’t recognize toxic mindsets on their own.

  16. I’ll bring up race whenever I feel like it. A lot of so called black women are lost. Y’all are the same ones that didn’t believe Rihanna even after those pictures came out. I’m just coming to terms with the fact that all skin folks ain’t kin folks. And dare I say it, but some black women are just trash. Rallying for a black man caught on tape threatening to shoot Emily and her father. Caught on tape with a knife and walking up on Emily and her dad ready to use it. But y’all need more evidence as always. Shout out to the black women who are waking up. So quick to scream BLM when a black male gets killed but need 1000 pieces of evidence when a woman of color says a black man abused her. Just sick!

  17. Some of y’all are really on here blaming a victim of domestic violence and asking why she didn’t fight back or leave? These are probably some of the most ignorant comments I have ever read on this blog. I have to agree that something really funky is going on in the black community. I thought black men were s-xist but now I’m starting to see a good bit of us are too. Anyway, I encourage some of you to actually pick up a book on the effects of domestic violence. Y’all sound ridiculous and uninformed.

  18. I just hope Emily finally leaves Fab alone for good. I don’t know how anyone can watch that video, see what we saw and hear those babies in the background screaming and crying and still defend Fab. Sad!!

  19. I don’t think Lil Mo is in the position to criticize Emily for anything, especially not staying wth Fab when he was abusive when she is still with her husband who abuses her emotionally by constantly cheating on her with women and possibly men as well. I’m seeing a pattern of women criticizing Emily for staying in an abusive relationship and most of those criticizing her don’t have healthy relationships with men themselves.

  20. Umm no ma’am. I’m not going to pretend like I didn’t see him threatening Emily and her father with a knife and gun just because he seemed like a nice person before all of this. That’s not how I operate. His behavior in that video was very disturbing. But then again I’m not a pick me black female like Lil Mo is. When you’re a male identified black woman, you say dumb ish like this and think you’re some woke, and special snowflake when you’re actually the typical male identified black woman who constantly hurts progression in our community. Hoteps and pick me females are all defending Fab and that’s to be expected.

  21. Like someone already pointed out, Lil Mo actually is Emily. Her marriage is unhealthy and we’ve seen on TV how her husband constantly sleeping with other people does a number on her mentally. Yet she won’t leave him. Not all abuse or toxic relationships involve physical abuse. A lot of it is emotional and mental abuse too. But I do know that Mo has said on IG that she places value on having a man. She thinks that’s a major accomplishment and not having one means a woman has failed in life. She honestly needs therapy because her personal life is a huge mess. So y’all can value her opinion if you want to. I sure don’t.

  22. I understand Fab is her friend so she doesn’t want to bash or be critical of him. I respect that. But in the process she shouldn’t bash or be critical of Emily either. That’s true wisdom and maturity, especially when you know both people.

  23. I think we all need to keep in mind that most people have no clue that someone is being abusive towards their mate until the police get involved. Remember, most of us had no idea that Vince was abusing Tamar until the police report came out about him biting her finger at a hotel lobby. And Tamar has been dealing with that man for years. It’s absurd to see grown folks on here typing that Emily should have left and we shouldn’t take the word of the police report because Fab just didn’t seem like the type. Are y’all serious? Y’all live in the real world or not?

  24. I mean everyone is entitled to an opinion. But I’m not sure why anyone is upset or surprised by her answer. Even now in 2018, some people are still blaming Rihanna for what Chris did and saying it’s more to the story and something is off, etc. and well we saw the pictures. Black people as a whole have trouble processing domestic violence. We will make black men the victims at all cost. It’s the same reason that black female victims of police brutality don’t get the same level of support as black male victims. These issues are not going to change with Emily or the next woman of color some famous black man abuses. It is what it is.

  25. Nonsense. If you watched that video and you don’t feel Fab’s actions were disturbing, something is wrong with you. He literally told Emily and her father that he had bullets with their names on it. Y’all gon pretend y’all ain’t hear that? Y’all gon pretend y’all ain’t see him with that knife making threats? So y’all would be cool with that happening to you or your loved one? Y’all doing the most to defend Fab just because y’all don’t like Emily. I’m not surprised because y’all been online bashing her for years. Anyway too many black women are okay with violence from black men. It’s only detestable when y’all actually like the victim. Go to therapy now.

  26. In general, I wish black women realized our power and wanted more for ourselves and each other. Whoever said on here that this would be Chris Brown all over again was right. Let me go back to lurking.

  27. I’m giving Mo a pass because when you know someone, you don’t want to believe they are capable of doing anything bad. Even if there could be evidence that they did. But she needs to stop speaking on this. Truth be told, it ain’t her place. Let the court of law do it’s job. It’s possible he did what Emily said he did. That video wasn’t a good look for him.

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