Torrei Hart Says Rich Men Should Have Multiple Wives + Being Cheated on Isn’t a Big Deal

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By: A.J. Niles

Torrei Hart is once again making headlines for controversial comments made in an interview.

This time, Torrei says she’s been jaded by her previous relationship with Kevin Hart. As a result, she claims all men cheat. She also speaks on Jesse Williams’ divorce from Aryn Drake-Lee. This leads to Torrei revealing that lawyers tried to pressure her into getting more money from Kevin.

However, she claims that doing that would only make her “lazy.”

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  1. It sounds like she wishes she accepted Kevin’s cheating like Eniko did. She can say she’s a hustler all day long but she clearly wishes she could kick her feet up like Eniko and be taken care of financially.

  2. She is so bitter. I really hope she heals one day and moves on with her life. Life is too short to keep thinking about the past.

  3. I’ve always rooted for Torrei and felt like Kevin and Eniko did her so dirty but now I see that at the end of the day, she really wishes she was in Enko’s shoes despite him being unfaithful. She seems Kev making all this money and she wishes she was that spoiled housewife that Eniko is. If that wasn’t the case, she wouldn’t be saying this. And I don’t believe all men cheat. Thinking such relieves men of personal responsibility.

  4. She’s too old to be talking this nonsense. She has to get over the fact that Kevin cheated and prospered anyway. It happens. Sometimes someone does us dirty and we expect them to suffer for it but they actually end up winning. It hurts and it makes us think that maybe they weren’t wrong to mistreat us and it’s something wrong with us for wanting to be treated better. But the reality is, while we all reap what we sow, it doesn’t ever happen on our watch. It happens after we have moved on with our lives and are no longer checking and waiting on that karma to come through.

    1. I agree that she’s too old to be talking this nonsense, however; I don’t think Kevin has prospered anyway. Maybe he’s prospered materially but, prospering isn’t always material. Money doesn’t make you happy. Furthermore, we only see what they want us to see, however; he clearly isn’t that happy if he’s out cheating on Eniko. People are looking for genuine happiness in the wrong places. I don’t think any of these people are genuinely happy. And,Torrei sounds foolish telling women to let their men cheat and, to accept it. SMH That sounds ridiculous. That is a complete lack of respect and self esteem. People will only do what you allow them to get away with. If you set boundaries they will fall in line or leave. Either way its beneficial.

      1. Kevin is arguably one of the most successful comedians out today. If he wasn’t, Torrei wouldn’t have said everything she said here. I understand there’s a spiritual side to life that is more important than one’s career, but one can’t deny Kevin’s success because of what they feel or his personal bad choices. There’s poor and unsuccessful people who make bad decisions. And we don’t know if he’s happy or not because we don’t know him personally. But his success can’t be argued. The man has prospered. Everyone is looking for happiness. Rich, poor, successful and unsuccessful. And 99.9% of us don’t have it because it’s an ongoing journey. Looking for happiness is a mistake in itself. Why? Because no one has a perfect and obstacle free life. You’ll have happy moments and bad ones. Good days and bad days. Hard years and prosperous years. But that has nothing to do with someone’s success professionally. Also, looking for happiness gets most people in a lot of trouble. You just have to life your life and ask God for wisdom to make the best choices possible.

  5. Her PR person needs to talk to her about rebranding herself. She needs to be more than just Kevin Hart’s ex wife. This is not a good look for her because it makes her come off as bitter and jealous.

  6. This is who y’all have been defending and dragging Eniko for this whole time? LMAO! She just showed y’all that she would be in Eniko’s position if Kevin still wanted her. That’s why it pays to mind your business because we don’t know what these people are really like behind closed doors. Eniko tried to tell y’all she was gaming y’all and playing victim too.

  7. She sounds so stupid and immature. You just basically told any man you deal with moving forward hey u can cheat on me and I will take it because I believe all men cheat anyway. I sure hope she not teaching her daughter that crap! I would be furious if I was Kevin sitting over there talking like one of those girls off of Maury. She is the mother of his kids and she should carry herself with the upmost respect for herself. and teach your daughter to command respect from and man and not deal with what cheating or sharing. as for the money, please you wouldn’t have gotten it if you tried so cut it out!

  8. Torrei is a very bitter woman but she was able to get a pass for so long because she was seen as a victim.

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