‘Power’ Recap: Connie Finds out the Truth About Tommy + Terry Pulls a Fast One on Tasha

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Power,” Connie reveals that she knows the truth about Tommy. To Teresi’s surprise, she actually wants him to develop a true relationship with his don. She also tries to convince him to abort his plan to snitch on Tommy.

Angela gets desperate as her coworkers continue to plot her indictment, so she considers having Tommy handle Mak.

Tasha’s plan to have Terry lie for her crumble after he has a conversation with Ghost and then gets subpoenaed.

Kanan takes out Diego and gets a step closer to taking over Tommy’s role in Jason’s organization.

Tariq realizes he wants to be more like Kanan and less like Ghost.

Dre is losing support in his own crew.

And Ghost finally outsmarts Tate.

Here’s a recap of “The Devil Inside.”

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